Welcome One and All.

The point behind this blog is actually very simple. A place where I can have freedom of expression to call out the individuals or groups who have so intrenched themselves in local, state and federal politics. “Not another political blog” I might guess one would say when reading this… Why yes, is my response and that is because people who are moderate or who feel, “Hey let’s use the best idea!” instead of always following a parties platform are under represented and their voice gets tuned out.

     Now I don’t intend on this blog only being about politics, I wish to interject humor in from time to time as well. Sometimes it will be related to politics and sometimes it won’t. The most important part of any of it, is that you do not have to read it if you don’t like it.

    I am happy to agree and disagree or agree to disagree but any comments must be related to the topic and you must be able to back up your comments with fact. Otherwise, your mother doesn’t like you and you were born with only two brain cells that rub together to keep you warm. Oh, and she might wear combat boots.


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