Bananas Are Technically A Berry So Stop Calling It A Fruit.

Do you really think I want to talk about bananas? Good, cause I don’t. Although what I said was correct, they are technically a berry but that is talking about bananas and I really don’t want to discuss bananas. So why have a title that mentions bananas. Because all the hoopla about genetically modified foods. In this last election there was a proposition in California about labeling genetically modified foods. This was pushed on the populace by the eco nazis that infest environmental activism now.  At least California voted it down. What does that have to do with bananas?; one might ask. While bananas are technically a berry we don’t label them that way because there is no reason to. The merits of eating the banana, (Dammit, now I am talking about bananas.) pretty much stand on their own. Yet after over 25 years of science that shows that genetically modified food stuffs do not hurt humans at all, the eco nazis have decided that since they can’t stop GM foods they will attempt to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt in order to achieve their goal.

These eco nazis are afraid of so called frankenfoods because it doesn’t fit in their world view. The world view that we can all be shiny happy people because our feed stock is now riddled with bugs and parasites as well as  stricken by plant diseases. The same jerks who claim that because someone wants to make a profit off of these frankenfoods. (I like that word. Makes me think a stalk of corn strangling someone in the middle of the night.)that it is vile and evil and will destroy the ecological balance that we have so far screwed up just by being here. The fact is, as a consumer you should take the time and effort to educate yourself but don’t fall for the pseudoscience that these eco nazis are dishing out. Look at the cold hard facts that are out there concerning these stocks. Then realize that GM food are part of what you been eating for a long time and you never noticed and it isn’t harmful to you or your kids.


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