Attention All Christians and Athiests

Give it a F*&#%ing rest already. Tis the season to be A#@H##e is the the song we sing around my house this time of year. It isn’t like the holiday season isn’t under enough assault with early black Friday deals, door busters and then Cyber Monday. It isn’t like as soon as black Friday hits till New Years Eve that you aren’t running around trying to find gifts for your family by cutting people off, taking things out of buggies, pushing and breaking in line.  You both act like you didn’t have advance warning that this season was coming since it happens every year.  As if all that wasn’t bad enough, you both have to go outta your way to push your agenda on everyone else.

Look I am agnostic, meaning I am smart enough to know that I don’t know what happens specifically after I am dead. I don’t need a book that was redone several times by people with their own personal opinion to tell me and I certainly don’t need someone telling me that there is nothing after death. The fact is I will find out when I get there and so will you. I don’t care if a church is having a nativity scene. I don’t care if people say “Merry Christmas ” and I really don’t care if you celebrate Christmas or not.  My household celebrates it as a secular holiday but we don’t condemn those that see it as a religious holiday.

Both of you make the claim that you are standing up for your rights when so far both of you have accomplished nothing but trampling on each others rights. Atheists, fine, you think their religion is a hoax and based on mythology. So what, why do you have to make the rest of us suffer cause you can’t let people be people. Sure, there are cases where some Christians try to force their point of view down your throat but not everyone does and most of the people putting up church nativity scenes are not going to come hunt you down and force you to convert. The Christians, fine, you think all atheists are going to hell. So what? Not your problem it’s God’s problem and according to the bible I am fairly certain He would be none to happy with you interfering with his judgement.

Neither side can make the claim they are following their beliefs if you are busy pushing it on the rest of us. Atheist claim to respect logic and reason yet haven’t discovered the ability to ignore other people. All you are doing is doing the very same thing you accuse Christians of and that is forcing your beliefs on others.  Christians, let them ignore you and leave them and everyone else alone. Put up your nativity scene but worry about your own path to redemption and not someone elses. Your all the time talking about God’s will, maybe it is God’s will that he ignore you or that he believe a certain way.  Both of you can easily walk past each other without making a big deal out of anything. You don’t have to antagonize each other and realize that in this country you both have the same rights.  That means stop trying to urinate in each others breakfast cereal and lead you own lives.

You feel you want to express yourselves. Great, just do it the right way. Christians, you have your churches and your homes. Atheists, you have your meeting places and your homes. You don’t have to compete with each other. Quite frankly the rest of us are very tired of it.


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