The New World Order Is Already Here.

I have friends that consider me a statist and a federalist. In reality I am a liberally moderate conservative. I espouse ideas from both sides but even I have to look at the overall situation and say, the NWO is here.  Before I get into the details I want to mention that honestly I am not afraid of the current NWO or its eventual progression. Not because I like the direction it is heading or the agenda behind it but because I understand it. Any system, whether it is political or mechanical is flawed and entropy sets in. As entropy grows even with maintenance the system eventually becomes overwhelmed and fails totally. Right now we are in the part of the cycle were we are starting to see more and more failures occurring but it hasn’t reached to point of total collapse yet.  It could linger in its current state for years, occasionally getting better and occasionally getting worse till it finally just stops working all together. When it does fail totally a new one will be put in its place and the cycle will continue.

What does this have to do with the New World Order that most libertarians and conservatives fear? Like I said above even with maintenance any system gets old and tired and cracks start to occur. Yet you can’t always see the cracks till they grow large enough and by that time it is too late as the risk for total failure has grown past the point of no return. That is what we are seeing now and it has a name, The New World Order. At the risk of sounding libertarian let me give you a few examples. Warrantless searches by oversight agencies. Not just the FBI but SEC and the FCC can read your emails without court review only a subpena which does not need probable cause. ( The ability by the military to round up American citizens on U.S. soil. (

Perhaps the most scary of all is this little tidbit. There is always the phrase; “It couldn’t happen here.” Well, the fact is it did. In 1933 the German Parliament was set on fire. (Who set the fire is a matter of debate but doesn’t really matter.” The next day Hindenburg the President of Germany issued an emergency decree that stated ““for the Protection of the people and the State,” which stated: “Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.” How does this relate to now? On Sept 11, 2001 3 planes crashed into high profile buildings. (Again it doesn’t matter if you think it was terrorism or a conspiracy. The results are the same.) Shortly there after  a new act was presented in front of Congress called the Patriot Act. ( Coincidence? Absolutely! I will get to the causes shortly but needless to say it had nothing to with Hitler, or a well armed population or lack there of.

Now if you think the New World Order pertains only to the erosion of rights in the U.S. You would be wrong. Similar legislation has occurred in other countries. India, China, Europe even the Middle East have has some similar legislation either on the books prior to Sept 11, or not long after. Yet, there is no global Illuminati that is the driving force.  No it isn’t the Tri Lateral Commission or the Skull and Bones Society or even the almighty big corporations. It also isn’t “sheeple” as some folks I know call them.  It isn’t even conscious to most people. Not because they don’t care or are to busy it is something worse in a way.

The causes are nothing more than human nature and tendencies. You see, people who are in power see themselves differently to the point that they feel they have nothing to hide so therefore nothing to worry about if the FBI is snooping about or the SEC or anyone. As long as it isn’t their neighbor. If you changed out the people in power, the new people in power would come to view themselves in the same way. It isn’t that they are so powerful they can’t get caught. Petraeus is an example of that, although he didn’t do anything illegal. (Morality not withstanding.) Or so well connected that they can get away with it. Sure, there is always the one off person here and there but as a general rule and as a group mechanic they don’t. Basically it is they already have so much to lose that they don’t want to lose it. That is human nature. You have what you have and you don’t want to lose it. So what you end up with is an subtle erosion of rights being traded for security.

You can see this in the TSA, one of the agencies that are at the forefront of privacy issues. Politicians fly. So do their staff and aides and families. So how can they stand to have their junk touched? They see it as a means of protecting themselves and their loved ones. They are willing to undergo intrusive procedures and inconveniences to feel safe and protected when they travel. Screaming by the states and passing nullification legislation won’t help because the powers at be think that everyone wants to be safe as well and the states are just pandering to their constituents cause that is what they would do. Because it is how the system works.

I have friends who think the U.S. Constitution is a static document that has little migration room. My personal belief is the Constitution is a living document that has the ability to flow with society while maintaining that society. Regardless of who is right or wrong the end result will still be the same. Because in the version where the Constitution is static the entropy in the system still exists just as much as in the living document version. In a sense you can call it a law of nature. To put it in a logical context. The U.S. Constitution as a static document is a closed system. The U.S. Constitution as a living document is an open system. In either case entropy of the systems occurs.

Get back to the New World Order. Right… the New World Order has always been associated with the concept of a police state. Yet the world has seen police states in the past and present so here in the U.S. those signals are what they are looking for. Yet, while they were looking for the signs.  It happened right underneath their nose, because the people who think they were being vigilant and studious about history were to busy passing blame and looking for ways to reenforce their beliefs that they missed it. To make matters even worse for them is it doesn’t matter if they saw it or not. It was going to happen anyway.

So here we are, with the New World Order. There are no jackboots on the streets. No wholesale  knocking down doors to confiscate your guns. No marauding hordes of starving people who you have to fight off. At least none of those yet and I seriously don’t see that happening on the scale people think. Which I might add, is part of the issue. It is easy to fight back against an enemy you know or can see but when the enemy is nameless and faceless it is easy to let rights go for that feeling of security. Its easy to label someone a criminal and take their rights and then you don’t have to feel guilty. You can always put the blame on someone else. It is easier that way. However, we arrive at the question of what do we do know. Some people will continue to strive for their rights in the name of Liberty. Some will ignore it. Some won’t care and some will rebel. In the end it won’t change a thing. Sure it might delay or set back things but it won’t change the outcome because that is not how the system works. Ultimately, the best you can hope for is the worst waits till your dead to occur.


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