Ok, Lets Talk Religion

Or more specifically lets talk about religious freedom. The common take among conservatives is there is no separation between church and state. This flies in the fact that Thomas Jefferson even referred to it as a wall between the church and state. They call this a Christian nation, despite the fact the founders claimed otherwise in the Treaty of Tripoli. So lets go ahead and talk about religion. Let me get one thing straight, personally I don’t care what religion you are. I don’t care that you want your kids to be religious, I don’t  care if you are spiritual or not, nor do I care if you attend church. All of that is up to you and only you and there in lies the crux of the issue.

Folks, as a child growing up in a small town I always heard the phase, “Your personal relationship with God.” As someone who had various Christian dogma thrown at him on a weekly basis this phrase always confused me. If a person is supposed to work on their “relationship” with God, why are you messing with mine and telling me what to believe and feel. When I say that to current Christians they all say that shouldn’t have happened or that I only took it as that. Guess what folks, almost 50 years later I still think that. Why? Cause that is what happened.

You see Christians, the problem isn’t your religion or your beliefs it is that you expect everyone to cater to your point of view and follow your examples. You get offended and mad when your mores are challenged by society or the average person on the street. Driving down the freeway, you pass a sign that has a skimpy dressed girl on the advert and you complain to the local newspaper that you were offended and how it goes against God’s modesty. No one said you have to purchase anything from that company. Yet, the response is “I have to see it. ” Well then, maybe God is reminding you not to act on that behavior.

See that is where I get crossed with these Christians and conservatives that blow things they see or hear out of proportion. No one is saying you have to condone having a sexy billboard on the side of the road but you don’t have the right to judge someone who does. You don’t have to associate with that person if you don’t want to. You don’t have to invite them to dinner etc. You can go through your life worrying about your relationship with God and not interfere with someone else relationship with God.

The same applies to politics and education. You vote your conscious and let everyone else do the same. If you have a major problem that creationism isn’t taught in school, them take them out of school and home school them. You have a problem with gays getting married then don’t marry a gay. You are not your brothers keeper so stop keeping and mind your own relationship and don’t worry about someone else.



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