Give Up Christmas?

Tis the season to complain about the war on Christians and the ever present back blast of theological angst. It seems that more and more this season isn’t about gift giving, being nice, being with family or anything that should be proper and fun. It seems that it is the season of constant battle between folks of different ideological opinions that just can’t accept that neither is right or wrong. See, the problem is Christians refuse to accept that this is a secular holiday. The agnostics and atheists refuse to believe it is a religious holiday. The fundamental truth is that it is BOTH a secular and religious holiday.

For Christians, maybe you should accept that what you are really celebrating is the principle of Christ’s birth and not his actual birthday. Most theological scholars will pretty much tell you that Dec 25th isn’t his birthday and that is was on that day by Constantine. It had many reasons for being set on that day one of which to help coincide with  pagan holidays of that time period. Regardless of why it was set to that day it is the day that Christians should celebrate the birth of Christ and all the things that are positive in Christianity. It doesn’t matter if someone you know doesn’t view it as Christ’s birthday. It shouldn’t matter if the Christmas tree is a secular object. It shouldn’t matter one damn bit. What should matter is what you believe and how you act towards others. You want a nativity scene in your front yard. Go for it. You want to go to church on Christmas, knock your selves out and have a blast. What you shouldn’t do is be arrogant and look down on those that don’t see it as a religious holiday. Go on about your business and never-mind what they think or believe. You are not your brothers keeper.

For agnostics and atheists, tis the season where you should be celebrating what is good about humanity. Engaging in altruistic actions that further mankind not caring if someone has a plastic Jesus in their front yard. The principles of the season should be being kind to one another. It doesn’t matter where those principles come from or how they got started. The truth is no one cares or should care only that they celebrate the season or holiday the way they wish. It doesn’t hurt to have bell ringers with their little red kettles. No one is forcing you to donate. It damn well shouldn’t matter if someone say to you “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”. Does it really hurt you in anyway that your neighbor goes to church on Christmas?

Christians you guys need to accept that no everyone does or ever will believe the same way that you do. You also have to accept that God will judge and not you so you really have no idea if that atheist is going to hell. You have the right to believe what you believe but don’t push it on someone else. Be nice because that is what you should be as a Christian.

Atheists, this is not the time for you to be going on about someone elses dogma. If you want people to be kind and respectful to you, then you have to be kind and respectful to them. You can easily ignore the church hymns sung by carolers if you want. You can ignore the bell ringing or better yet look at it as the season to celebrate human kindness has arrived.

Neither party needs to give up what they think or feel about Christmas. Yet, both parties need to realize that this is not the season for bickering about dogma, ideology or an such none sense. You can easily do that the rest of the year. Easily, both parties are at fault in this and both parties need to stop and think about all the people it does effect. This year give each other a good Christmas and sit down, be quiet and leave each other alone. Stop trying to rain on their parade and just let by gones be by gones. Then in January you can get back at your petty conflict. You’re going to anyway.



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