How to Stop Gun Violence.

Before I get deep into lets face some facts. Guns do not kill people. No… I don’t care how much you believe otherwise guns do not pull their own triggers. They do not select targets and they do not aim themselves. In fact guns can’t kill at all. Unless some one pommels you with a gun it is in fact the bullet that will do the damage and or killing. You see bullets traveling at a high rate of speed transfer their kinetic energy to a target so if you want to get technical it is the laws of physics that kill. Wanna outlaw those? Of course you don’t that is bordering on the absurd. The truth about gun violence is that banning guns solves nothing. It is one of those aspects of society that has to be addressed on multiple levels. There is no one size ban or law that will make it right.

So how do we stop gun violence. To be honest, there is no way to eliminate it all together. At least not in our lifetimes. Instead we concentrate on lowering the frequency of gun violence and reduce the chances of it happening. First we have to apply what I call real solutions to real problems. For starters we have to start dealing with the issue that lead to gun violence. In the last decade there have been many reports of gun violence used in the commission of familicide. The total destruction of a family by a family member, usually a father. Considering that other methods other than guns have been employed to do this hideous thing, I think we can safely say that banning guns won’t stop it. At the same time we had to admit that is a family member had a gun or access to a gun it probably wouldn’t have prevented it either. In reality we have to look deeply at the underlying causes and address those. In the cases I am thinking of almost all were recently divorced or going through a divorce. Should we ban divorce? Of course not but what we should do is address the issues that were leading to the disassociation of the marriage. Before anyone gets all religious, don’t bother. Religion has killed just as many people or more as guns and the fact is what was causing the divorce would not be solved by religion. The only way to address the marriage issue is by figuring out what caused it in the first place. Was it monetary pressures? Abuse? Work? What ever it was, the fact it is occurring frequently means there are plenty of causes and are not confined to one group or another.

We have to address the issues of poverty and homelessness in this country. We have to further expand on those by working together to form a better healthcare system that promotes the health of all and that includes mental health as well. No we don’t have to go all socialist to make it happen but we do need to work together and come up with positive solutions. Of course that means more public and private partnerships but as long as we put it together correctly it will work and work well. Other things we can do to help lower gun violence is positive and reenforced training of adults and kids on gun safety and how to handle situations where there is possible escalation. This is up to and including conflict resolution techniques. Yes I do mean teaching kids gun safety and I mean good gun safety. Don’t make them scared of it, teach them how to respect it. Notice I said respect and not worship for some of the gun freaks out there.

We have now come to the second part of my “solution”. Banning assault rifles won’t work. It won’t. Most probably aren’t aware but it takes less than a second to reload a pistol with a standard magazine. Even if a person does not have an assault style weapon with a high capacity magazine the same number of shots can be performed in the same amount of time with minimal training. To be honest it is harder to tote around an assault rifle than a pistol anyway. There is a chance people will notice the AK before a evildoer will open fire than a pistol. Banning high capacity mags won’t help either. I know many think it would but the fact is that it won’t. It just means the person has to reload a little more often and to be honest. It gives the person more time to think while reloading. If you have even been in a combat situation or the like you know that reloading gives you that second of pause to plan your next avenue of attack or target. I know it sounds silly but just bear with me a bit.

Back to what I said in the first paragraph the way to really put a dent in gun violence and still leave the Second Amendment intact and cut down on a lot of arguments with the gun lobby. (Though they will really hate this idea.) Ban… wait for it…. Ban BULLETS… specifically commercial ammo. How does that help? Well of course you have to write the law correctly and considering Congress I can understand the skeptics blowing raspberry at this.  Yet, hear me out. Ban commercial ammo and allow the individual the right to produce their own. Many people I know do just that to cut the expense of commercial ammo. Most are avid hunters and the like. If you want to hunt you still can, just have to make your own loads or reloads. Want to carry a concealed gun? Still can just have to make your own load and reloads. Want an open carry law? Sure, why not but you gotta make your own ammo.

How does this help you might wonder? Well it is actually simple. By eliminating commercial ammo with the possible exception of Olympic shooters, (Law enforcement and military could still buy it of course, don’t be silly.) you put the burden of time and expense on the individual who wants to exercise his gun rights.  You are not taking his rights away, we are just changing the commercial aspects of it. Guy wants to go hunting with his rifle, he still can. No one would stop him but he would have to spend the time to make his ammunition and the expense of purchasing the necessary equipment. It would not put an undue burden on the hunter or gun owner because the more ammo a person makes the cost comes down. Preppers could still prepare for the end of society and be more self sufficient in the process.

Naturally libertarians and others would get totally bent about this but the truth is it would go a long way to help reduce gun violence while preserving their rights. It also makes it an individual choice. If you want to hunt, own guns, fire guns what have you… then you have to assemble your own ammunition on your own time and with your own expense in stead of being able to plop 30 bucks for a box of 50. Also if a person then uses a gun in the commission of a crime it adds more of the element to premeditation. Or like in the recent case where the father was improperly handling his gun and got in his truck and accidentally shot and killed his son, that father now has to live with the fact they made the bullet that killed his son, not some company many miles away. Still don’t think it will stop gun violence or reduce it significantly? I saw lets try it and see how it goes, we can always un ban ammo if need be.


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