They Are Illegal, What Part of That Do You Not Understand?

What part of illegal immigration do you not understand? What is confusing you? The immigration part… no I think folks have that down. So it must be the illegal part. Illegal meaning, against the law. How does illegal mean shelter illegal immigrants? How does illegal mean, “Sure cross the border, we will look the other way.”? I see the pro immigration forces use excuses such as “Well this country was founded by immigrants.” Yes, yes it was but that was over 250 years ago. I doubt we need founding a second time. “They take jobs that no one wants.” Is an excuse not a reason.

Now I harbor no illusions that some of the pro right forces in this country want to stop illegal immigration for their own agenda. I also harbor no illusions that pro immigration has their same agenda. I, however had no agenda other than say… I don’t know. Stopping illegal immigration because… wait for it… its illegal! No I don’t feel bad that Mexico is one step away from a failed state. Why? Cause I don’t live there it and it isn’t my fault that Mexico is in such bad shape. Mexico is in bad shape because their own fault and inefficient government. It is over run by drug gangs and no it isn’t the United States fault. While I support legalization of weed I can honestly say I don’t blame the war on drugs for Mexico’s failings. Mexico has had a history of inept and corrupt governments so it is logical that organized criminal elements would thrive there. Mexico isn’t dealing with the real issues causing its pain and no I don’t want it exported to the United States.

It isn’t racism that drives this. There are many productive Hispanic citizens in the United States. Many do try to cross the border to make a better life for themselves in the States. How can I have a problem with that? Easy, stay home and fix the problems instead of running from them. If you find you can’t then there are legal ways to accomplish your goals. Does that mean I think there shouldn’t be immigration reform. No, I think there should be meaningful reform but at the same time opening the borders to anyone isn’t the answer.

The first step to reform is to stop illegal immigration. It is obvious Mexico isn’t going to take steps to solve the problem. Lets close the border except for legal border crossings and militarize the border to prevent people from crossing illegally. Once the flow is stemmed we can then look at ways of improving the legal processes. Stop pretending illegal immigration isn’t a problem because it is. Stop trying to deflect the blame and realize that illegal immigration hurts everyone including those doing the crossing.


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