What Happened To Common Sense?

What ever happened to common sense? You know the part of common sense that says wait till you have all the information and not make a knee jerk reaction? Or the part where looking for the real problem and then solve those instead of looking for the quick and easy way out. What happened to discussing things rationally and non emotionally? I realize the recent school shooting was tragic and that emotions are running high but I honestly don’t understand the vitriol coming from both sides of the gun debate. One side wants to arm teachers and the other wants to ban guns. How are either of those effective? Would either of those prevented the school shooting? Oh sure there are a lot of variables, maybe an armed teacher would have shot him or an armed teacher would have caused more loss of life. Banning guns wouldn’t stopped it either. He stole the guns from his mother, the first women he killed. Had they been banned he would have gotten them another way. Better yet he would have used something worse like an explosive device. By all accounts he was fairly intelligent. I know that argument doesn’t hold water with the anti gun crowd because nothing does. Nothing seems to persuade the gun lobby that adding more places that allows guns are contributing to the problem.

Ay there is the rub, so to speak. You see both sides are contributing to these types of tragedies. Lets face it though, it isn’t what people want to hear. People want to have a knee jerk, off the cuff reaction and then sit back and say to themselves, they are smarter than the other side because they have the moral high ground. Of course you have the fringe elements of the debate who focus on what they perceive is a lack of morals or religion in school. Either one would not have prevented this tragedy. To tell the truth invoking morality into this tragedy just muddles it up. This person committed an evil act but it doesn’t make that person inherently evil.

What we as a society should be doing is putting more common sense into the whole debate. We should be searching for the root causes of this type of behavior. We should be looking at the issue of mental health in this country and how we deal with it. We should also recognize there are points on both side of the gun debate that need to be addressed. When these tragedies occur we should take the opportunity to work towards addressing the issues in that deep dark recess of society that most people want to pretend don’t exist or is not in their back yard.

The fact that we can’t seem to get common sense into these debates exposes part of the problem in our society that leads to people shooting school children, killing families and engaging in violent crime. We refuse to acknowledge that we have become a selfish, self centric society. We engage in social media with the premise of saying “look at me” and “look at my stuff” or “look what I am doing.” We post cute pictures to make ourselves feel better and little cartoons lampooning things and while like anything else it is ok in moderation we as a society have turned it into a lifestyle. Then we turn around a wonder how people like this school shooter is being marginalized and wonder how he got to the point of shooting children. He got there because we as a society helped him get there.


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