And You Wonder Why Someone Shot Up A School.

As we have been searching for answers why 26 kids and adults died in a school shooting we have been grasping at things to put it all in perspective. No where is there a better illustration of what is wrong in our society then the things posted on Twitter while the President was giving a speech on the subject.  (Offensive… be warned. ) Interestingly this has nothing to do with guns or banning guns or again, a lack of religion in school. This boils down to one simple thing. LACK OF RESPECT. It shows what the priorities are in this country.

These remarks by these people are easy to dismiss as idiots or morons but the truth is there are more of them then everyone else. These are your neighbors, friends and even loved ones. These are the people you go to when you are feeling down and blue and when you need someone to lean on. Is it any wonder someone shot up a school? Is it any wonder that we can’t seem to get along and look for answers through violence? It has gotten bad enough the word compromise has become a pejorative. Now the golden rule should read, Do unto others before they undo it unto you.

Is it any wonder this country is divided and at each others throats when something like a football game is more important that the President speaking on behalf of the country? NO, our problems won’t be solved by banning guns or putting religion in schools. It won’t be solved by giving people a stern talking to either. I may not know what to do but I sure as hell know what I won’t do and that is act like these people.


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