Anti Gun People It Is Time For You To Wake Up!

Anti gun people really tick me off. I don’t mind they don’t like guns, I don’t even mind they don’t want to be around guns. What I mind is the ignorance that is displayed when it comes to the anti gun crowd. Don’t get me wrong the pro gun crowd has issues and are part of the problem but the anti gun lobby to me is worse. Here is why.

I can post statistics from the United Nations that shows that America ranks 5th in the world in gun violence. I can even post the statistics to the same report that shows when population is taken into account we drop to 10th in gun violence. Of course they will counter with some other statistic but the truth is the bantering back and forth of the statistics and studies isn’t what gets me going. It is the total blatant disregard for the real issue that pisses me off. You see, by pushing to ban guns all the anti gun lobby is doing is passing the buck and ignoring the real problems. They want some feel good legislation to come along and make them feel better. They want to know something is being done when a school shooting occurs to prevent them but they don’t want to deal with what causes them.

People guns are a tool. Sure, yes they make killing more efficient but so does a bomb. Remember Tim McVeigh? Bombs are outlawed but that didn’t stop him. No, by banning guns it allows you to ignore what is really going on. It allows you to keep doing what you are doing and these things will keep happening because of it. You see, all of us who stigmatize people with mental issues are the problem. The poverty that exists is part of the problem. The lack of mental health care is part of the problem but instead of addressing those you would rather ban guns and hope for the best so you don’t have to change.

Banning guns won’t change a damn thing. Changing society even if it takes doing it one person at a time will bring about the end of school shootings.


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