Anti Nuclear Activitists Need To Buy A Clue

I, personally have studied nuclear power generation and nuclear activities since I was in junior high. I have even worked with a local new agency investigating radioactive water wells. So I pretty much know a thing or two about nuclear power and the like. Here is what I know. Both sides, pro nuclear and anti nuclear lie to you. Yet, there is an interesting circumstance about that. Oddly enough the pro nuclear side lies a lot less than the anti nuclear side. People like the Sierra Club and Greenpeace are not interested in the truth at all. This is in contrast to the pro nuclear forces who will not hesitate to stretch the truth but it is actually rare when they out and out lie. How can that be? We all know that corporations are evil and bad.

Corporations and especially corporations in the power generation game are not evil but totally self interested and self motivated and that is the very fact why they tend to not lie about nuclear power generation. You would think it would just be the opposite yet it isn’t and here is why. As we all know lies tend to rise to the surface. Either by themselves or do to some accident or activity. When that happens the power generation companies take a huge hit to their profit margin. Specifically in the case of nuclear power generation. They have so many people looking over their shoulder and through their books and activities that a lie would be readily apparent and then out into the wild. This in turn means costly fees and over arching regulation and oversight. Not that oversight is a bad thing and neither is regulation but the black eye that these companies can get can damage not only the company but peoples careers. So in effect it is in their best interest to not lie.

Compare this to the folks at Greenpeace and other anti nuclear groups. It is in their interest to lie to you. Their whole stake is to prevent nuclear power adoption or the addition of new plants. In fact since Japan’s accident they have been pushing to stop all nuclear plants. They lie and fabricate information just so you, the consumer will believe them. They have no self interest to not lie.  So why does this even matter?

Greenpeace and the other nut jobs want to push you the consumer back to the dark ages… Literally. Power generation is a big industry and a big polluter.  They think that wind and solar will be able to power all of our needs and the fact is it can’t and won’t. They refuse to see that. Tidal energy while promising is not a panacea for the power problems we have and will have for the foreseeable future. Right now, we are killing more birds with wind power then we ever thought would happen and because of the “green” push the companies aren’t even being fined. We all know that gas and coal are finite and are large polluters to the environment so those aren’t a solution either.

Nuclear power however is a solution. We have the technology now to produce clean, and safe nuclear power without the proliferation risks associated with past generation. We also have the technology to reduce and even use past nuclear waste in these generation plants. One positive solution is the use of Thorium reactors.  Thorium reactors use the element thorium which is more plentiful and safer that uranium and plutonium and the cool part is you can’t turn thorium fuel into a bomb. Adding in pebble bed technology we can build safe reactors that will scram themselves in a problem such as a tsunami and will even use nuclear waste as a fuel as opposed to disposal. Sure, there will be a small amount of waste products but much much less than we find today and less pollution that you find in a coal power plant. Research has been on going for years and years but we can’t build these plants because Greenpeace and others have gone outta their way to scare people.

When you look at the safety record of the reactors in the US we have the best safety record. Even with Three Mile Island, our worse disaster it was extremely tame compared to Japan or Chernobyl. We have generous oversight and regulations that control every aspect of the nuclear cycle and transparency in reporting any and all incidents. Sure the green folks would vehemently disagree with me but the truth speaks for it self. They want you to be afraid. It has gotten to the point that the very mention of radiation causes people to freak. What is worse is that people get more radiation from day to day from background and normal sources than from reactors but Greenpeace won’t tell you that.

These anti nuclear activists need to buy a clue. No, corporations are not perfect but I would rather invest money in the technology so that all of us can have safe, affordable power generation than sitting in the dark.


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