Happy New Year! Predictions?

I hope everyone is enjoying their New Year’s celebrations. In between the generous helpings of spirits and helpings of ham I was thinking about what I predict we will see in the coming year. On the economic front, I see the economy crawling at a snails pace. We will continue to see blame on the economic woes on both sides but not much movement towards getting the economy back on track. I think investments in new technology will creep along and hiring will stay about the same with a possible decline in jobless rates. That is primarily due to more people who stop looking or accept lower jobs to make ends meet.

On the political front I don’t expect much movement there either. Congressional deadlock will continue at least till the mid term elections in 2014. Republicans are going to keep pushing for social cuts and will do their best to chip away at Social Security. Liberals and Democrats will continue to hammer the same old tired themes we have seen since Obama was elected the first time. I also think that veiled racism will still be a part of the political landscape and will manifest itself more and more. I do expect the libertarians to keep denying reality and think that a strict reading of the Constitution will fix all our problems.

I see gun control being passed and the real issues of violence in America being ignored. In fact, I am reasonably certain all a gun control bill will do is push more conservatives into a corner. In which case the word compromise will become mature language and be banned. I see gay marriage still simmering on the cusp of being mainstream as the same conservatives will fight tooth and nail to prevent it. On the foreign front, I see still more soldiers dying in a war with no end and without a clear exit strategy or a strategy at all.  I full expect to see more drone strikes as the technology and our dependence on it increases. All the while sweeping any legal issues under the rug. Furthermore, the South China situation will more than likely escalate, just how far I don’t know. Iran is still in play but there is a chance that sanctions are working so we will have to see there.

Overall, I think we will pretty much see the same ole same ole we have seen for the past year. I hope I am wrong and we see good and positive movements in all arenas but I am not anticipating that this will happen. For the most part, all I can say is sit back and enjoy the ride. It will either be a boring state on the lazy river or we will hit rapids all the way. No matter what happens, I wish you and yours a happy and safe new year.


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