So You Want Me To Care About 26 Dead?

So you want me to care about 26 children and adults dead at a school? I am going to be heartless for a moment and I am going to be cruel at the same time cause I am going to tell you the truth. You can ban guns, you can ban assault weapons, high cap clips, guns with high caliber and pass legislation that will attempt to destroy the 2cd Amendment and all those adults and children will be just a footnote in history. That’s correct, nothing more than a blip on this historical radar. Why? Because we as a society are not taking the opportunity to effect real change. Banning guns isn’t real change. Arming teachers and putting weapons in schools isn’t real change. Of course you won’t listen cause you think that guns are the problem and the gun manufactures are the problem or as the hippies call it the “Military-Industrial Complex.” Or perhaps you are one of those ignorant wastes of flesh who thinks this is still 1776 and we are out to defend our rights with violence, specifically what you see as your rights… not anyone else. Better yet you could be like some and think this is all a plot by Obama to take your rights away since that is what liberals do, at least according to you.

See what has happened is you have turned those 26 deaths into a number, a statistic and pathway to your agenda and you don’t give a damn about who or what it hurts. Does it matter that a mentally ill person walked into a school and killed 26 people, Hell no. You only care about how he did it. On the flip side of this coin, you don’t care about 26 deaths only that your way of thinking is being challenged and that someone is wanting to take your toys away. How can you ask me to care about 26 children and adults killed when you don’t… on either side? 26 children and adults were murdered and all I have seen is name calling, passing the buck, blaming the tool that was used, and a lot of unsavory comments to say the least. I have yet to see people call for real reform. Sure, some have mentioned it but I haven’t seen anyone say “Hey, lets address the real problems.”

So far all the pro gun and anti gun people have done is divide the country even further. HELLO! DON’T YOU THINK THAT MIGHT BE PART OF THE PROBLEM! People, all you are doing is creating and US V Them situation. States and the Feds looking at banning more than just assault weapons. Gun jocks buying weapons like they are pancakes. States looking at creating ad hoc and confusing laws and some looking to allow more people to be armed. Then you still don’t see a problem? What is wrong with you people? Let me spell it out for you people.

Both sides are the problem along with a few other areas that I will get to in a moment. The anti gun side, you claim you don’t want any more killing but you refuse to look at other solutions and even engage the pro gun side in meaningful debate with a point to reform. It’s ban this, ban that and you don’t need this and you don’t need that etc etc. You don’t shut up and listen. You want to talk about all the dead but you refuse to look at all the other deaths that occur and focus only on guns. Pro Gun side, your just as bad. You are so worried about having someone take your toys away that you don’t give a crap what they say. You are so worried about the Feds taking over that you have totally missed the point that you are part of the United States and the Feds, HAVE TAKEN OVER! They are the ones in charge and you helped elect them there. I tell you what, I will make you a bet. You can have thousands of rounds of ammo and multiple Ar-15s and when that SWAT team comes to the door.. ya know what you are going to do? That’s right you are going to give them your gun and go to jail or your going to die. Seriously, how did that whole gun battle thing work out at Waco? As I recall, it didn’t end well for those folks and they were armed to the teeth.

What is lacking is a fundamental concept called RESPECT! You do realize you can disagree with the other sides point but still respect them? Yet, so far I have seen NONE from either side and THAT is the problem in this country, not your damn guns or your damn hatred of guns. It is the basic concept of human civilization… RESPECT. On the anti gun side, you don’t give a damn about the other side and how they feel. You don’t care that they feel threatened by you or your pushing to invade their lives with legislation about something they didn’t do. Pro Gun side, you don’t give a damn about how the gun side sees you and your guns and why they don’t want guns around. All you care about it protecting your 2cd Amendment right, which I might point out that if a new Civil War was to break out… your screwed in the first place.

I am going to diverge for a minute and talk about mental health, but it still goes with the respect I was talking about. Pro Gun! You are so worried about your tax dollar going to someone else that you could care less that a mentally ill person killed 26 people. You blame it on the illness but you won’t put a dime towards fixing the problem. You want someone else to do it but not your money. You are a part of this society too, so suck it up buttercup and pay your taxes and quit complaining. Anti gun people, remember that it is someone elses money that goes to help these people and it is not a bottomless pit full of cash. It has to be used effectively and efficiently to get the most out of what little money there is. It has to be used to make an impact. You have to respect that hardworking people are the ones who are putting in these tax dollars and they expect it to be used wisely and not have you turn around always asking for more.

Honestly, no… one word will not solve all our problems. However, working together both pro gun and anti gun in honest dialog would be a hell of a good start and something that really isn’t being done now. Crafting positive and well drafted legislation to stem the proliferation of fire arms is not a bad thing or the end of the world. Neither is not banning all guns. Putting the right solutions into mental health care, early screening and looking for the underlying causes of mental illness is also a great place to start. Yet overall the very best starting point is just learning to respect one another. That way, 26 people didn’t die for no reason. Their deaths would and could be a start to a new and more unified society based on mutual respect. Will it ever happen? Probably not, but I get to tell you I told you so.


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