Worlds Deadliest Chemical Is In Your Home Right Now!

People, our world is filled with chemicals but there is one that is so insidious and so deadly that is deserves special warnings. It is one that has reached its effects into all aspects of our lives. That chemical is none other than Dihydrogen Monoxide or DHMO for short. This chemical is so dangerous that even a small amount the size of a tea spoon can kill if applied correctly. Each year thousands die from this chemical and nothing is being done to stop it. In fact, in some places they are even importing larger and larger amounts of it. To make matters worse the government has special regulations for it but allow it to be used in everything from manufacturing to cooking.  One small city in California attempted to ban this chemical but the industry forced a vote on the issue and passage of the ban failed. That is how powerful these lobbys can be when it comes to DHMO.

Here are some things you may not know about DHMO.

1. It is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors and a way to transfer heat to the exchangers.

2. It is used to safeguard nuclear spent fuel rods

3. It has been responsible for one nuclear disaster already.

4. Thousands of children across the globe are killed each year by DHMO

5. In many cases it is used as a solvent.

6. When heated it is used as a disinfectant.

7. Excessive consumption has all sorts of nasty side effects and can lead to death.

8. When chilled to below freezing it can cause tissue damage.

9. Leads to corrosion and oxidation of metals.

10. When heated to a boiling point the gas from DHMO can cause severe burns.

11. Is the largest carrier of infections on the planet.

12. DHMO contamination can short circuit electrical systems and lower the resistance for braking leading to an increase in auto accidents.

13. Improper controls on the effects of DHMO can have disastrous thermal effects on the environment.

This deadly chemical is in your house right now. It is in your kitchen or your bathroom and I am willing to be your have put it in your laundry at some point. To make matters even more scary, any terrorist can buy it with out a problem. There are no licenses required to own it. No registration required, not even a ID check needed. You can find it in just about any store. It can even be sold to minors. Be careful.. DHMO needs to be respected or it will kill you.

If you haven’t figured it out already, every thing I said above is true but what makes this hilarious is DHMO is really… Water! That’s right Dihydrogen Monoxide is plain ole water. Now I am sure, some will claim they knew it at the start and sure some will have but others won’t and that is the point I am getting at. Technically everything I said is true but that doesn’t mean that we should ban water. It means that people need to think and use their heads when it comes to statements like the ones I made above. That applies to everything but especially in this day and age where each lobby with an agenda is trying to get you to side with them. Gun, Anti Guns, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Religious folks and even commercials on TV. People it is up to you to think for yourselves and stop letting others think for you. They might be telling you the truth but only from a certain perspective.


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