Please Let Alex Jones Be Right… Lets Have A Revolution

A few nights ago a personality by the name of Alex Jones, a right wing nut job with delusions of having Glenn Beck’s bank account and Rush Limbaugh’s job was on CNN in an interview with  Pier Morgan. In his tirade he spoke of having “another 1776” if the government goes after guns. So I got to thinking about what this crack pot had to say. Then it dawned on me he is right… well not really, most of what he said was skewed facts and bovine excrement but the part about having a revolution. I have seen it mentioned in fox commentary and on the fox forums as well as face book and other web sites so apparently the desire is there. Maybe all the right wing conservative and Ron Paul supporters are itching to get into a fight with the “Man”

So I say, have at it… everyone bring a pack lunch and get this revolution started. Why? CAUSE DARWIN COULD USE THE BOOST. Yep, it would be the greatest culling of human stupidity in the history of man. A perfect example of human evolution right there on the battlefield at the strip malls and churches. I know they won’t win, and most people know they won’t win but don’t tell them that, they won’t show up if they think they will lose. The part I love is since a lot of these folks believe in creationism and not evolution in the first place, I find it highly ironic that they would be participating in an evolutionary exercise and one of their own making. While they are using their blood to “refill the tree of liberty” they will have single handled raised the IQ level of this country by at least 1o points, maybe more if we can get Congress to play too. Yet the best part the Gun Control Debate will be over…. Then we can get back to watching our violent movies and video games and finish off the evening with a reading of the 150 Shades of Porn.

But wait there’s more… By acting now it will force the media to be right. At least Fox News anyway. Since Fox is always talking about the death of the middle class who do you think would be fighting this revolution. Most poor folks are to broke to buy a metric ton of guns and ammo and the rich. Well they are just too darn wealthy to fight it out and get dirty. Which means that Fox New will finally be right about something. Naturally it would also be a job creator cause someone has to rebuild the shopping centers and self storage places. Granted insurance might be hard to get for a while but it would be a sacrifice. If nothing else think about the effect it would have on local law enforcement. They could finally get that M1 Abrams the chief has always wanted. Painting in black and white optional.

Think about it… could be a win/win for everyone. Except the dead folks… they would just envy the survivors.


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