Let’s Talk About Abortion

With the election over and the gun debate raging, it seems that we have left the subject of abortion behind. Over all the noise of electioneering and the withering verbal gunfire we still have the debate on abortion. To be honest, this issue is one of the more confusing ones that we as a society face. You have pro small government folks who are pro life and that almost seems counter intuitive. Then you have republicans who are pro life but then turn around and vote to kill people in other countries with drone strikes and democrats who can’t make up their mind about what they believe in. Further it seems that the nomenclature of the issue is faulty. On one hand you have the pro life folks who want to ban all abortions and then the so called pro choice people. See, that is wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong! In truth there are three sides to this debate. There are the pro life folks, the Pro abortion folks and then the pro choice folks. See, the so called pro choice folks are not really pro choice they are pro abortion. While they say they support a women’s right to choose they also don’t want any constraints on abortion. A real pro choice person doesn’t care if there are reasonable constraints as long as the choice is preserved. A real pro choice person isn’t out trying to get an abortion center on every street corner.

So I am going to introduce you to a real pro choice person… me. I don’t care if you do or don’t have an abortion. I mean I really don’t care if you do or don’t. I am not going to pat you on the back if you do or don’t. I am not going to rail against you if you do and I am not going to talk about about you if you don’t. I know people who have and haven’t had abortions and it still makes no difference. Now you might get the impression that I don’t care cause it hasn’t happened to me but in fact it has. One of my ex wives had an abortion. So in fact, that puts me in a better position to discuss it than others who have had no dealings directly with the matter.

We can talk about the beginnings of life and when life begins but to be realistic that isn’t even an issue. It doesn’t matter when life begins, if at conception or not. Scientifically I can say one thing and spiritually another. Yet, even that doesn’t matter. What matters is this. The fact of reality is some people can handle childbirth and raising a child better than others. Naturally you are going to have variations of good and bad in all things but when it comes down to the fact of deciding on having or not having an abortion it is the decision of the mother. That is where the pro choice part is. So the father shouldn’t have a say? Sure, he has the right to express his opinion and offer advice  but ultimately, no the father doesn’t get to decide.  Not fair…? Are you sure? The mother’s life will be altered both in body and spirit and to be precise we only get altered in the spirit part. What about morality?

See, morality is the false premise of this debate. The morality of the mother is the morality of the mother. If she uses that as a guide in her decision then great. If she doesn’t then that’s great too. The fact that she may or may not share in your morality of the situation isn’t the issue. If you think it is such an issue then you should have had sex with a person that shares your morality. If you both share the same morality than the whole concept of the decision changes and has no bearing on the abortion debate at all. To put it simply, morality is what you make of it and you decide what weight it carries in your relationship but morality it self has no bearing between who gets to decide or doesn’t.  But we’re talking about if abortion should be legal or not?

Once again, a fallacy of both sides. The only reason legality is an issue is because both sides are arguing the basic question of should or shouldn’t a women be allowed to have an abortion. Why is this even a question? The pro abortion side usually says; “All women should be able to have an abortion if they want one.” Really? All women, even the ones who don’t know what they are doing and can’t think for themselves. Perhaps they are in an abusive relationship and the father is forcing them to have one or manipulating them? Even the mothers who will totally fail with their children and put their children at risk of abuse or worse, death? The truth is not every women who gets pregnant can handle getting an abortion. The pro life side has a slight point when they say abortions cause feelings of guilt and depression. It does in some, seen it. (Not me but others I have talked to.) The problem with the pro life side is they claim it is all women but they are wrong. That is just them projecting themselves on someone else. Then we have the pro life side who claim it is about the sanctity of life. A lot of which have children who grow up or have grown up and joined the armed forces who in recent history have traveled overseas, met indigenous peoples and killed them. That kind of shoots the whole sanctity of life part right in the foot. (We can argue about the causes of freedom later.) The pro life folks also rail about entitlements and welfare so that also shoots the sanctity of life in the foot. At this point the whole sanctity of life is in a wheel chair.

Here is the point, you as a person have every right to be pro abortion or pro life and even pro choice. (The real pro choice.) You have every right to let your moral compass decide your actions and you have every right to voice your opinion. What you don’t have is the right to deny a person their right to choose or voice their opinion. The real issue of all of the abortion debate is that as a person I have no right to tell you what you can and can not do in your home. Society has a right to regulate what you do based on public safety such as murder, robbery and other crimes of moral turpitude. Society however does not have the right to legislate or regulate morality itself. Face it, abortion is a morality play not a public safety point. However, you believe what you want to believe, you have every right. I might disagree with you but I won’t push you in front of a subway train because of it.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Abortion

  1. I think you make a few interesting points – especially having some experience with abortion yourself; however, I think you are neglecting fundamental property rights of every person (including the baby) which all rights are based. I hate to leave a link and feel free to delete it later, but I wrote about this a couple months back and I think I cover a lot of the stuff you have too: http://wp.me/psW0l-k5

    I’d like to get your thoughts.

    • You make some interesting points especially from the point of view of property rights. However, I think you are enjoining two dissimilar things. Property rights from a legal standpoint pertain to the right to own and posses property. From your points it would in fact go to support abortion and therefore be a slippery slope if you were against abortion. What I feel you were actually referring to was personal rights. Of which there are two types. Defined rights as spelled out in the Constitution and legal precedent and implied rights as determined by said precedent and the inclusion of common law. It we view your debate points from the lens of the Constitution we can ask the questions. Does the fetus have the right to expression, and the others laid out? Obviously a fetus could not exercise those rights so we have to turn to implied rights and there is where the quagmire begins. As such I feel there is currently no right or wrong answer because this type of morality vs rights vs society is evolving and ever changing. At least for the time being.

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