You Are To Stupid To Live, I Want You Off This Mudball!

If I had it in my power to gather up all the pro gun hypocrites and nut balls and pack them in a rocket with the anti gun nut extremists and shoot it to the sun, I am sure someone would claim that is a hate crime. I would call it self defense. Both sides want to talk truth but it is only their truth. How about some real truth. . Truth number One: Guns are one of the most efficient killing tools every created. They were designed for one thing and that is to kill. Truth number two: Guns don’t kill people they just make the bullets go really really fast so they can kill. Truth number three: Guns have to have a person who is there to pull the trigger before they can kill. Guns do not wake up in the morning and decide to take a blood bath. Truth number four:  Guns do not cause crime but they make it easier to accomplish.  Truth number five: Guns don’t make you safer. Truth number six: Having a gun can save your life.  Truth number seven: You own a gun cause you are afraid. Truth number eight: You don’t own a gun because your afraid.  Truth number nine: Most people will agree with just half of these truths. Truth number ten: You can’t tell what is really true and what isn’t. Interestingly, most folks after reading number ten will scrutinize the other nine.

The fact is they are all true and the fact is also that they are all untrue at the same time.  You might think I am waxing poetically or philosophically about this but no, what I said was very correct.  All these ten are true and false at the very same time. Now, you might be reading this thinking that, “Ya it depends…”. Well you are partially correct, it does depend but depend on what? Does it depend on guns being banned? Sure it does. We ban guns and all these truths disappear… or do they? Well, now I am pulling your leg. Cause if you banned all the guns in the world these ten would still be true. “But, but we wouldn’t have gun violence.” Correct, but we have already had gun violence and that would still make these true. We have already had people die cause of these truths and we have people who are lucky to be alive because of these truths.

What if we went the other way, and gave everyone a gun? Nope, same problem they will still be true. “What if we split it 50/50? 50 Percent with and 50 without?” Well, in short order we would probably end up with 100 percent with guns because the 50 percent with guns  just shot the 50 percent without leaving us with the same problem. So you think this is all BS or some pseudo science crap? Would any of these be more or less true if I had a degree? You know the answer to that, no it wouldn’t. Ok , so you want me to get to the point.

In all of these truths there are two elements that changes it from true to untrue to true again. Two variables that changes each and every one of these truths. Time and Circumstance. Depending on the time and circumstance each one of these truths will be a truth or an untruth. Two things you can’t control. You can’t legislate. Sure, you try to blame it on a higher power or what ever spirituality you may have but no matter, it is still time and circumstance. So what? You might say. Everyone knows it depends on those things but we got to stop gun violence. We have to ban guns or arm teachers or police the schools or… or… Yeah, I see what your saying but you must have missed what I was saying. I am telling you that gun violence doesn’t exist but at the same time we are seeing it every day in our streets and cities.  To quote a phrase from the eighties, “What you talking bout? Willis”  It isn’t gun violence it is human violence, the complete denigration of human life and its value. The terminal destruction by the hand of a sentient being of another sentient being, accomplished by the use of a tool. It can be a gun, a hammer, a screwdriver, a car. Get it yet? You are never going to get rid of gun violence until you get rid of violence. Its all violence, doesn’t matter what tool you use, it can be your hands alone… it is still violence.

The ultimate fact is that you will never make guns obsolete till you get rid for the reasons for guns. The only way to ever be safe and unafraid is to develop ways to deal with and solve problems that don’t need violence and then we won’t need the tools for violence. This is not some hippy beatnik crap I am feeding to you. Instead of wasting our time trying to argue ourselves silly over the tool, we need to be worrying about the real causes, the real root of what it all really means. We need to elect people to office that can understand that we as a people want real solutions and real resolutions to the problems that exist today. That we are tired people dieing cause we refuse to address the parts of these truths that make them both good and terrifying at the same time. That we are tired of both sides clinging to positions that keep these truths alive and kicking and children dieing. Until then, we will still have gun violence and guns will still save lives and we will have to live with that.

If you can’t understand that, then you are to stupid to live, and I want you off this mudball!


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