Gun Control Is About Fear, Not Control.

Quite frankly, both sides of this debate is full of hypocrites and people who probable shouldn’t own a gun because their capacity for rational thought is very limited. Each side has been pushing and pushing myths left and right as if they are facts. One example is the publication of the interesting numbers that show overall violent crime went down after the 94 Assault ban was lifted. The gun lobby implies or in some cases says, that this is because the assault gun ban helped with these decrease in violent crime. Sorry Charlie… there is more than one variable that factors into violent crime. Take the fact that the economy was in a growth spurt during that time and in a lot of situations crime decreases when the economy is rocking along. Even that is not a sole variable as there are a lot of factors and gun control would be a miniscule amount if any and the assault ban being lifted even less. That does not mean that we ignore those numbers but we have to look at the overall circumstances instead of trying to push these as facts to support our conclusions.

This comes into play with the whole Gun Control is About Control part of the debate. Gun Control is about fear not control. Control is the symptom of fear. As humans we seek to control that which we fear. Basic psychology, it is ingrained in use from time immortal. No, that does not mean that gun control is about control, it means that gun control is about fear… plain and simple fear. The anti gun lobby is afraid of guns. They are afraid someone, including them, will be hurt by guns. For them the elimination of guns is the ultimate response. Since they can not achieve that they seek to control them to the point that they are no longer afraid.

The flip side is the pro gun lobby is also afraid. They are afraid that some one will try to take their guns away. They are afraid the government will turn into a tyrannical dictatorship. They are afraid they won’t be able to defend themselves and then they are afraid of everyone else so they feel they need a gun. Most want to have as much ammo and as many guns as they can legal and financially afford because they are afraid. Certainly there are a few who just like guns or like the history associated with guns but when you look at their gun collection you can see this philosophy in said types in the collection and how they are stored and maintained. For everyone else in the pro gun lobby the gun is a means to help mitigate their fear or to use the word, control their fear.

Each side is so terrified of the other winning that they are willing to tear this country apart. Those of us in the middle see this but there is little we can do about it. Yet, we can stop these people from filling everyones heads with half-truths and get the word out that its about fear, not control.


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