United Christian States Of America: Fascism for the 21st Century.

[WARNING: Controversy Ahead: This is about the parallels between the Tea Party and the National Socialist Party of 1934]

Date:2020 Place: Anywhere, U.S.A.  From the pages of the Diary by Dan Frank.

When President Ryan was running, he campaigned on fiscal responsibility and returning our country to greatness after a long slow economic recovery from multiple recessions. His stiring words about how the former liberal presidents and all the liberals had put us on the path to ruin that we are now seeing. How the policies of the liberals in Congress had stopped the patriots from controlling our decent into inflation. He promised a more fair tax rate for everyone and that everyone would have to pay their fair share. That the poor would be better served by private entities like charities and that the government would do all it could to support those efforts. The troops would come home from the past conflicts and that the savings would be passed on to everyone in the form of lower taxes. Yes, Social Security would be cut but it would be made up with allowing private investors to put their money in mutual funds and 401K type plans that would give them a better return. Same for Medicare and Medicaid., the new private plans would make everyone healthy. Granted there were parts we all didn’t like. Like his constant blame he placed on liberals and how we would push to make traditional marriage a amendment to the Constitution, but no one ever believed that he would actually do that.  His rantings on the right to life and birth control but still his forecasts for economic return overshadowed all of that. How little we have learned before now.

After he was elected it all began to change. First, President Ryan convinced Congress to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. In doing so he used that to immediately cut all entitlement programs to the bone. With the excuse that the government could no longer afford it and to stay within the Constitution. Next, he bullied Congress into repealing the Affordable Care Act. Overnight, millions no longer had access to insurance as companies were no longer required to take them. Some families were forced to take on more jobs just to pay for health care. Of course, not all was bad. His cut on the corporate tax rate that sailed through Congress caused the corporations to expand in the country thanks to cheap labor. Manufacturing returned from other countries because it was now cheaper in the United States to pay a worker than in China.  The corporations didn’t have to add healthcare so that further lowered their costs. Factories sprang up almost overnight it seemed. Unemployment was at its lowest since during World War 2. This was also helped by the cutting back at the Environmental Protection Agency. It is now nothing more than a rubber stamp agency with very little enforcement power to protect our environment.

Unemployment was further helped by the people who went to work in the defense industry. President Ryan made our alliance with Israel a priority and expanded the War on Terror. With in the first two years of office, the Defense Department budget soared to an all time high. Now taking up half of our gross national product. Granted the cost of living rose and wages didn’t but people were still making it by. It was then that the social aspect of the American Tea Party came to light.

It started small. First there was the constant railings against liberals and liberalism. Professors who were considered too liberal were dismissed from universities. These were replaced with more conservative elements. Then came to new regulations from the newly reorganized Department of Education. The No Child Left Behind Act was repealed and replaced with new standards. These standards included teaching creationism as an alternative to evolution. Now, most students are convinced that evolution was a liberal plot and agenda. With the appointment of an affiliated Tea Party Justice to the Supreme Court, Abortion was finally outlawed in what the President claimed was a victory for life. Birth control was limited to a medical necessity. Rape victims were now prosecuted if they attempted to have their child aborted. We didn’t see the warning signs till it was too late.

Next, Congress passed an amendment that made traditional marriage the only form allowed. Homosexuality was considered a lifestyle choice and as such religious companies no longer had to employ them. Companies that did employ gays were soon ostracized and boycotted till they relented or went out of business. Some were even forced to attend lifestyle alteration courses as a form of punishment for perceived petty crimes. Gay who resisted were labeled terrorists and were arrested by the government. As all of this was occurring Congress sent to the states an amendment to change the name from the United States of America to the United Christian States of America. It was ratified by a majority. To do otherwise, would risk a loss of federal funding.

That was the final nail in the coffin of liberty. With the government proclaiming we were Christian nation, the First Amendment was now interpreted to mean that churches who were not Christian based were not allowed to participate in government. Muslims were the first to lose their right to vote, followed by the Hindus and Buddhists. Next, were the Mormons and the Jehovah Witnesses. Finally it was determined that the Catholics were not allowed to vote but this gained a lot of controversy so it has not taken effect at this point. All Jews were considered citizens of Israel and were given a provisional vote but only for members of the House of Representatives.

For those of us who are poor, gay, elderly or disabled. There are no camps. No barbed wire. No crematoria for us to fear. Yet, we have no life. We have no future. To the rest, we are not people but animals to be despised and spit upon. Our liberty has been taken from us along with our dignity. Our homes and businesses taken from us, not by jack booted thugs but by corporate people in suits and with briefcases. We appeal to the law in vain and are left with no recourse. We are constantly told this is our choice. That we can change if only we accept, but if we accept we deny who we are. We could rise up in the hopes of gaining a future but the might of our oppressors is stronger than our will. A will that we had broken by the long ride into our disillusion. If only we could have seen it coming. If only we had known this was going to happen. If we could have defended our rights and changed the hearts and minds of our fellow man, we could all stand tall and Say to the world… Never Again shall the hungry go without food. That the elderly and the disabled shall not want for care.  That gay men and women are equal  in the eyes of the law. Then and only then could we say that our country is great. Yet, no… now we wait. Wait to be finished off by a society that changed before our eyes and we did nothing.


This was a fictional diary entry from a fictional person about a possible future we all could face. The parallels between the radical elements of the Tea Party are in functionality no different than the elements in the Nazi Party of 1934. Instead of Jews, it is liberals. Words like Tradition and Patriotism are being used to repress others. Claims of losing rights and encroachment of socialism are echoing in the halls of the Tea Party to plant the seeds of corruption that could very well lead to the very future described above. Remember the Nazi party started small and eventually caught on because no one could see the real message of hate behind the words. Look at the Tea Party, see who they are. Listen to what they say and how they say it and you will see the hate behind the words. Don’t wait for the purple triangles to appear before you wake up.




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