Congress Has a Lower Rating Than Pubic Lice

Two weeks ago a poll was announced where American’s were polled and asked many questions, with one such question being rate Congress against several things. One of the things that these people could pick was pubic lice. Pubic lice was picked over Congress with the numbers being 27 percent for pubic lice verses 23 percent for Congress. Ignoring the obvious question as to why someone would pick pubic lice at all, it still raises certain questions about Congress. Honestly, when doing comparisons you have to be careful. I am sure if we polled Germany in 1936 they would have (and did) love Hitler. So we could compare that to our current Congress and say Hitler was more popular than Congress. Absurd granted, but funny when you think about it. I wonder how Hitler would have compared to pubic lice? Given recent events, it is quite possible that in parts of Iraq, Saddam Hussein has a higher rating than both Congress and pubic lice. In Russia, with a history of tyranny, President Putin has a higher rating than pubic lice and by virtue of comparison he has a higher rating than Congress.

What makes this all worse, is that with the upcoming sequester one of the so called solutions is to use money that Congress has already given the President to offset the cuts. Apparently there is 45 billion dollars just laying around that Congress has given the Administration for various programs that haven’t been used. So Congress wants to pass a bill to allow him to use that money to soften the blow from the 85 billion in cuts coming this Friday. I realize this next question might offend some but it has to be said. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING? This is followed by the question; WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING FOR CUTS WHEN THERE IS MONEY LAYING AROUND? Seriously, now I know why pubic lice has a higher rating. Blood sucking parasites who inhabit pubic hair at least know what the hell they are doing and why. Congress does not.
A couple of points I would like to share. Since Obama has been President Congressional Republicans have been screaming over and over again that they want the President to lead. Sure, ok he is the leader of the executive branch but Congress has its own leaders and no Congress in history has complained that they want to President to come tell them what to do till this one. Congress is the one responsible for generating spending bills and they are the ones that keep giving him money. So much money in fact that apparently we have it laying around. Then they scream for cuts.

At this rate, next election cycle I think we should elect pubic lice. We might get a better deal.


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