Beware The Ides Of March!

Today, March 3rd and I am disappointed. Where is all my doom and gloom? Where are the massive layoffs? The dogs and cat having orgies and snakes tempting young virgins with bad fruit or ipads? (Do we still have virgins?) What do you mean that it will take time? You mean that the effects from the sequester will have to slowly come into being? You mean I have to wait? To be screwed? Damn, its like prom night all over again. (Do we still have proms?)

To tell the truth the whole sequester thing was an extreme pile of bovine excrement since day one. There are really only three programs the Republicans want to cut and only three programs Democrats want to expand. Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Oh and anything that goes along with that like food stamps. First off, if you haven’t seen the film “A Place at the Table.” you really should. Its a good documentary that covers hunger in America. Interesting fact. When the food stamp program was created by the end of the 70s hunger in America was virtually eliminated. When the Republicans came to power in the 80’s the whole concept of welfare entitlement came to the forefront and used as an excuse to cut Food Stamp programs. Now, in 2013 hunger in the United States has surpassed the hunger seen prior to the programs implementation.

At this point, you might be asking “What does this have to do with the sequester?” and or, “What does this have to do with March?” Now that the cuts have been enacted, (Entitlement programs were exempt.) Congress is going to be on the war path looking for a new strategy for dominance. Honestly, I think we could raise a good deal of money by adding some blood and name calling and change the name of CSPAN to GCF. GCF is short for Government Cock Fight.  (You only wish I was talking about chickens.) This means more uncertainty in the budget and more strain placed on the economy. What is preventing the economy from improving faster is the fact that Congress can not come to a long term arrangement.

On the Democrat side of things, it is time for the Democrats in Congress to be willing to entertain positive cuts in entitlement spending. Cuts don’t have to curtail the services and if done correctly could actually improve the service. One area in specific is the administrative costs born by these programs. We can cut costs by consolidating administrative actions, by reducing redundant positions and oversight, by eliminating waste and fraud and by streamlining the process in how and when services are provided. You don’t have to reduce the services. You have to make them responsive to the people who need the service and reduce the complexity of the bureaucracy that is holding back meaningful reform.

With the Republicans, it is time for them to come clean. They have no intention of reducing costs to entitlement programs. Their intention is to lower the costs so they can turn and reduce taxes. That is the whole monkey for them. They want to reduce federal spending so they can make more money. While, I have no problem with anyone wanting to make money but to do so in such a way as to increase things like hunger in this country and then sell it as liberty, pisses me off. Right now thanks to cuts enacted in the previous Republican administrations, 50 million people in this country go hungry. What Republicans need to do is entertain the idea of raising revenue by closing tax loopholes for businesses and individuals.

The point is both sides have to compromise but in truth won’t. That is why we need to beware the ides of March. 535 people are standing there with knives waiting to stab us all. E Tu Congress? Ah, who am I kidding? We knew you were going to the whole time.


2 thoughts on “Beware The Ides Of March!

  1. It would be interesting to explore the ideology of Marie Antoinette’s remarks Let Them Eat Cake. The president wants us as American to tighten our fiscal belts but yet he and congress have not.

    • This is certainly true. The disconnect in fiscal policy lies in the desires of Congress and the Agenda of the President. In this case, both are more concerned about fighting each other for dominance than reaching a compromise for all Americans.

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