Tale of Two Societies

(Warning, truth with literary license thrown in. )

I have traveled many places, some far and some near but no place have I ever been that beheld such perplexity as the country with two societies. It can be clearly said that neither society in this place nor any civilization for that matter has obtained a utopian existence and as we know humanity will never achieve such a thing. Yet as I visit these two societies that exist in a framework of a single country I see the potential for both and neither.

One is a proclaimed rugged and individualistic society. Each member espouses words like liberty and patriotism but the practice of these words are lacking. Liberty means self interest and patriotism is paying homage to ones self interest. They have the symbols of liberty and freedom but when they are exercised by some they are denied by the rest. These are denied by using words like immorality and against the common good, but no one ever says what is the common good. It seems to just be an understood concept among believers who all share the same opinion. In fact, one could say the phrase; “Individuality is fine, as long as we all do it together.” is a hallmark of this society.

While malfeasance and crime are the same in the both societies, this one has means for horrific ends.  No weapon of defense is to large and no amount of weapons to small.  That is not to say that they oppress people via the barrel of a gun. No, it is much more sinister than that. For the oppression suffered is in thought. While this society could take steps to deal with violence they refuse, as they all believe they have the right to be armed and to be armed is defense.  So much so that they even fear their very government in which they participate regularly and with forethought.

Other aspects generate fear as well. Women have little choice with it comes to their bodies and how to care for them. Food is plentiful but only if you can afford it and the same with any kind of medical ailment. Perhaps the most fear is contained in the individuals who espouse things outside of the standard view. Diversity among the genders is not acceptable nor is the color of ones skin if it deviates from the expected. For those that are different they are encouraged to stay silent and not attract attention to themselves. At worse they are committed to some sort of facility or group that is supposed to integrate them back into the society. For their own well being of course.

The second society is more secular and diverse. It has similar problems  like the first society as such as crime. Yet, here the criminals are treated differently. They are treated as if they are disadvantaged and not criminals. For some, this helps them become a member of society but for others they continue to follow their ways and seek to harm others either by violence or crime. No amount of help seems to change these individuals, and while their number is small they do generate a bit of trouble for the benefactors. The government has weapons and the citizens do not which prevents the average citizen from being protected from spontaneous criminal events.  While some crimes do go unpunished the law enforcement does have a high rate of success after the fact. This is one of the areas where both societies refuse to adjust. Both the first society and the second refuse to change as each sees there way as the better when in fact both still suffer from the same problems just with different methodologies. Violence is still violence in both societies but neither has perfected a solution.

Now the second society has gender equality and multiculturalism and on the surface it seems to be just fine. Yet, at the same time there is a discontinuity between the classes of people. There is not total equality. A person of one color while not treated differently is not treated with any care than an animal. In fact, animal care seems to be better than human care. That is not to say the health of the populace is at risk. Far from it, generalized medicine is available for everyone but because it is spread throughout the society there is little major innovation as the incentive is just not there.

Both these societies exist inside the same country and could easily work together to solve their problems and their differences but both are afraid that if one gives any, they will have to give all. Fortunately there is a method in for form of a document that will allow both to work together all they have to do is be willing to work together. At present that is indeed not the case but it could be. If only both could see that it would work to the best interest of everyone to compromise and develop a positive working relationship and in turn a solution than while it would not be utopia, it would be better than where they are now.

Sadly, I doubt it will ever happen.



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