Universal Background Checks… Maybe?

As a gun owner I support gun control. That’s right… gun control. How can I be a gun owner and a person who likes guns be for gun control. For starters, I know that I don’t have to have a gun to be against “tyranny” and that to defend against this so called tyranny by the government doesn’t require firearms it requires vigilance and being part of the process. Not that you can convince the NRA of that, they are all for bloodbaths as long as it refreshes the tree of their liberty. Still, perhaps I should explain it better. Lets start with the axiom that states. “Gun violence can never be eliminated till we eliminate guns.” That is a logic statement, nothing more, nothing less. It is not a position or a point of view or as some would say a principle. It is just what it is. It is 1+1=2. That’s it.  Yet, lets plug it into this formula. X-X=N. Simple but effective. If we take Gun violence and subtract Guns we are left with Violence. If we woke up tomorrow and all of a sudden all guns on the planet disappeared, guess what? We would still have violence in the society. People who intend on being violent for whatever reason will use whatever tool is convenient for them to use, be it a knife or hammer or even a car.  What does this have to do with gun control? Hold on, I am getting to that.

Now we know that getting rid of guns will not get rid of violence. So for all the super liberals in the country, removing guns will not stop violence. No matter what side of gun control you are on you have to accept that banning guns will not stop the violence in this country. By the same token for the other side… giving guns to everyone won’t stop violence either. So we have to ask ourselves what are we really trying to do? Are we trying to stop the violence or stop guns? If we are trying to stop the guns we won’t be able to stop the violence and if we try to stop the violence are we really going to succeed with that? Sure…. if we woke up tomorrow and all the violence was gone in the world it would be problem solved and no one would have to give up guns but lets face it, that won’t and can’t happen. (Unless your a Scientologist and the Aliens comes back and then we’re all dead so I guess that would solve the problem too. Silver lining though, is no more Tom Cruise so we might go for that.) Gun Control? I am still getting there… hold your horses. Now it seems we can neither stop violence nor can we eliminate guns so what does that leave us with? What options does that give us?

I means we have to decide what are we really trying to do. Are we trying to reduce gun violence as a type of violence? Or is there some other agenda. If we ask the Tea Party Republicans we get told it is a Socialistic, Jewish, Nazi, Communist Plot to take our guns to destroy Israel and fill it with burka wearing eco muslims who will dance the jig on the grave of Pope John Paul II. If we ask some of the saner but still out there Libertarians it is a liberal plot to take our rights away and if we ask mainstream Republicans, no agenda but its Obama’s fault and if you ask a liberal it is because the NRA wants to fund redneck terrorists who work for Fox News.  (Sounds Absurd? Talk to some of these folks.) Besides commentary from the tin foil hat parade we can safely assume there is not “agenda” and most American’s just want to cut down on gun violence. So now our little formula becomes (Gun+Violence)x1=N then N-Guns= 0. Get it? We cut out gun violence we get no gun violence. See, told you it was simple. Ok… not simple but sounds good on paper cause we can not get rid of all the guns. Our Second Amendment says it is a right to own arms. (Not going to go into that again.) Therefore we have to accept there will always be SOME gun violence. Most American’s don’t want to eliminate gun violence they only want to cut it down.

I know it sounds harsh. Sounds harsh that we have to accept some gun violence but sorry guys… its a fact. The truth is that many American’s who own guns want to feel safe in their homes, car or where their person general is. At the same time however we do not have to accept the fact that people who are unstable or prone to being unstable should have a tool handy that can wipe out tens of school children. That is where universal background checks come into play. We as a society know that we are not going to eliminate gun violence and that we can only curtail it so the powers at be have devised a means to attempt to do just that. As a gun owner and a responsible gun owner I don’t want an unstable person to own a gun nor do I want him to be able to cut down tens of school children either. So since legally we can not ban all guns we are left with trying to prevent the people who should be prevented from getting their hands on a convenient tool to enact such a thing. Therefore, I can honestly say I am for gun control.

Does that mean I am for the universal background check. Absolutely… with a caveat. That it is comprehensive, and WORKS. I capitalized the word WORKS cause that is the most important part… WORKS. It will be useless and cause even more problems if it does not work and one of the ways for it to not work is to be spotty and not comprehensive. I don’t mean gun registration but if someone has a mental illness and should not own a gun then yes, they should be in the gun check database. In order for that to happen all the states and counties have to put in their information and promptly. THAT… IS THE QUESTION. Can the states do this in a timely manner in order to make the Universal Check system work like it should? The answer to that is a big, fat… MAYBE! History is not a good guide in this case.

Overall, the point is we have to come together and reach a system that will reduce gun violence while protecting the rights of gun owners. The only way to do that is with gun control and positive, proper gun control and limited in scope. The Universal Background Check is a good start, now it is up to Congress and the States to make it work.


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