The South Will Rise Again, To Late… It Already Has!

When I was a kid there were these little stickers a neighbor kid had that he passed out to everyone. It was a little Confederate Battle Flag and the words the South Will Rise Again. At that age, I wasn’t aware of what those words truly meant but as our country faces the divide that has occurred since Obama has been elected I am now seeing very clearly what those words mean. To be honest, it scares the hell outta me. What scares me the most is the 140 years after the Civil War the same tired old ideology is still alive and kicking and at worse is trying to make a come back.

Just recently I wrote about subversive racism. Let me give you and example of it. This is a quote from a blog on the Faith and Heritage website. I was researching this site due to the fact that they supported a white’s only student unions visit to CPAC which is the conservative round up that mostly Republicans attend to help steady their platform. During CPAC there was a question about “What should Fredrick Douglas’s owner be sorry for?” and the rhetorical answer was “Food and Shelter?”Granted, most mainstream people don’t hold that type of view but lets be honest, the mainstream folks are not in control of either the Tea Party or the Republican Party at the moment. Still, while that is disturbing this quote from a paragraph concerning a position of Rev. Doug Wilson and its refutation by a Dr. Bradley. ” Dr. Bradley asks, “Why is there such interest in defending the South?” Perhaps the answer to that is found not in a longing for a return to slavery. Perhaps the answer to that question is found in the South’s insistence on limited government. In our current era, where centralized government is running roughshod over state duties, family duties, and individual duties, why wouldn’t people long for a time when, in principle, decentralized and diffused government were advocated? Perhaps the answer to why there is such interest in defending the South is found in the fact that the South was characterized by the respect for families, the practice of chivalry, the culture of honor, and the presence of a distinctly Christian church that had real influence for good among the population, both black and white. Despite Dr. Bradley’s suggestion that the defense of the South is about regret for a loss of power and privilege, perhaps it is explained by a longing for proper hierarchies and distinctions, in accord with the Fifth Commandment.” This was in the article, “Correcting Dr. Bradley, by Bret L. Mcatee.)

The reason I am showing this to you is to illustrate exactly what I have been telling you. Racism is hiding as revisionist history. See the words “limited government”, not any different then the same “limited government” touted by the Tea Party. All, pay attention to the “states duties, family duties, and individual duties.” language in that quote. Same bovine excrement put out by the Tea Party and the Republican hardcore Conservatives. It is also not any different than the positions held by the slave owners prior to the Civil War. Look up the southern writings from James Hammond and others. Slave owners that used the same concepts to justify their hold on slavery. The exception is now it has expanded to anyone who is not white and Christian. That is not to say these people want to bring back slavery. No, that is not what they are advocating. They do want to bring back segregation. They want to return to “Separate but Equal.”

Obama’s election slapped them in the face. For 237 years this country has been headed by a white man and now all of a sudden there is this black guy with a Muslim sounding name and he is on their TV sets and claiming to be their President. Of course, they are going to deny it is racism. Racism is a dirty word. It has all sorts of connotations that come with it. You would never get one of them to admit it unless they were a card carrying member of some right wing nut job organization who wants you to know he is racist. The underlying fact is that it is racism just hidden behind things like, “limited government” and all the other garbage they are using. They don’t care about creating a homogenous society with multicultural diversity. They want everyone in their place and the advantage to be theirs. I am going to give you a personal example.

Just recently, I traveled back to the East Texas town where I grew up. To be fair the town has grown in size somewhat. It went from 75K residents when I lived there to now 95K. Yet even that is misleading as a large amount of the new residents are retired people who now reside in the many many retirement homes in that town. Continuing on. My family went to the local restaurant that we frequent when we are there. When I looked around, it shot fear right down to my bones. Here is a restaurant that is filled. So much so we had to wait and ended up in a section they had to open for to accommodate the line. What I noticed is that with the exception of the black couple having dinner and the wait staff the rest were all the same. It was redneck central. It was just like a movie in which all the actors were supposed to be the same. Each table had the ball cap guy with the young wife with some sort of southern or farming logo. (This is not a farm community mind you.) I can not describe how it really looked. There was no diversity in the crowd. Sure there was the black couple eating dinner in the back room but that was it. Everyone literally wore the same style of clothes and seemed to come from the same economic background.

So you think that is no big deal. Think about it for a minute. Step outside yourself and think about how that looked. No diversity in the crowd. No economic variation in the crowd. Hell, for that matter there was little genetic diversity in the crowd. Most were light skinned and blond or light brown hair, especially among the females.  Imagine a room full of dolls all with only slight variations in color in hair and clothing. What does this have to do with racism and the South? This IS the modern South. It is like this all over the South in the smaller non urban regions. These are the people who have been spoon fed limited government and states rights and can’t see the racism behind the rhetoric.

Don’t get me wrong, not every person who thinks the government should have a limited role is a racist. Nor are everyone who is fiscally conscious racist. It is the vocal purveyors of this mistaken belief that the state has rights over the government and can nullify federal laws are the people who are in danger of being racist. We are all in danger if we don’t know or understand the motives behind the angst and hatred we see in these people.  Look around you and stay aware. Don’t fall for the trap that these people set.


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