Our New Mascot.


NOW… We can welcome our new mascot. The Atomic Kitty.

Granted monkeys would make more sense but there is already an Atomic Monkey and while monkey’s do resemble current politicians in that they all eat, mate and fling poo it is just really difficult to defame monkeys that way. While cats also eat and mate they are not known for flinging excrement at by passers, unlike both monkeys and politicians. Cats also are cutier, been on the internet longer and generally are more fond of by mainstream folks than politicians. Further, cats really don’t care what you think of them and are not trying to get reelected. That doesn’t mean they don’t have some politician like qualities , if left to their own devices for too long they will eat you and will do almost anything to get your attention. No matter what, they will always have a higher rating then both public lice and Congress.


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