Why the Christian Right Can Be Called Idiots.

Lets face it, each religion has its own branch of fundamentalist morons who decide things like, blowing themselves up, calling out fags or flying airplanes for fun and destruction. Those are not the nuts that I am referring to. While Westboro Baptist Church For the Clinically Insane might call themselves Christians. I am pretty sure most Christians don’t see eye to eye with them. Or at least they might agree in principle, they don’t hang out at funerals like some pro zombie love horde. No, who I am talking about are the Christian Right Wing that exist in the United States. The uber conservative, my way or the highway, the Bible is the word of God and that is that folks. The people who are literally keeping this country from becoming more united. To be clear, I am not talking about the pandering politicians who claim to be right wing conservatives. Those guys would sell their mother if it got them elected so, no not them. I am talking about the folks that put them and keep them in power. People like Rev. Richy Rich who wanted Tebow to come speak until even he realized this guy was bad news. (Richy Rich isn’t his real name but it doesn’t matter anyway.)

In any event, Why can they be called Idiots? I am going to make this real simple so even a Southern Baptist, Bible Thumping, Jesus hugger can grasp. There is only ONE important part for anyone who believes in the bible. That’s it… ONE! One that is more important than all the rest. The one in which the two principles of love thy Neighbor and Slave thy Wife can not happen without. That is the part about FREE WILL. If you read the first book of the bible and don’t worry about Adam and Eve or Steve and Bob or whoever and realize that that the whole creation of man was to worship God and that in order for him to know it was for real. He gave man FREE WILL. Or more specifically… he gave man a CHOICE. Get that… A CHOICE. Now the ultimate question is if God can give man a choice then why can’t the Christian Right? But.. But… But… The Bible says… screw what the Bible says after God giving you the CHOICE part. You have a CHOICE! The one thing the Christian Right REFUSES to let others have.

When ever I pose this to the gray matter impaired Right folks I get the same answer. “Yes, you can choose to follow Jesus or you can fall from Grace but God lays out what to do in the rest of the Bible.” Ok… fine. God says there is the way to get into my good graces. Gotcha… don’t buy it but ok. Then the question is WHY DO YOU STILL TRY TO FORCE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE THE WAY YOU DO? Again… choice… or lack there of. You see, the fact is these people can’t tell the difference between religion and faith. These people are not trying to force you to have faith. No they are trying to force you to have their religion. Wanna what a Christian Right Wing Bible Buddy spin his head? Tell him that you would rather be a none believer under the Jewish faith since there are only 7 laws to get into Heaven rather than the 10 laws for the Christians. Hell, that is saving 3 obligations right there. (Don’t even thing about going straight Jewish… they have way way more than 7 laws they have to deal with. They even have to try to talk you outta being a Jew.)

Here is the “deal” so to speak. The Christian Right wants to take away Choice! From anyone who does not believe the way they do. They want to take abortion, homosexuality, gender discrimination protections and health insurance for women away from what is already limited to begin with. They want to keep the poor… well poor and they want to pack their churches over and over again so they can use their “clout” to show off and gain social acceptance amongst their peers.  Gonna give you some little known facts. Charitable giving has stayed at the same level since 1970. That level is 2 Percent of the GDP. Just two percent of GDP is given to help solve the homeless, poverty, teen pregnancy, crime etc.  What makes that even more severe is the fact that 2 percent of GDP goes a lot less the distance then the same 2 percent in 1970. I am not done yet… This 2 percent of Charitable giving…. over 80 percent goes to Religious units.  In effect 1.6 percent of the donated money goes to who? That’s right the Churches.

I am not saying that all faith based charities are bad or don’t perform. No, that’s not it. What I am saying is that when the Christian Right tells everyone that entitlements are producing a welfare state and that the money should be private and given to faith based groups it is nothing more than SELF PROMOTION. When the money that is given to these faith charities is used it is typically with strings attached. Have you ever seen a real soup kitchen? Guess what… they all way you to pray with them. Sure, they tell you it isn’t mandatory, in that there is no written policy at the door but… BUT… it is implied and they use peer pressure to help force people into their belief system.  Granted, I am sure there are some that don’t. There are exceptions to every rule. The overall point is that these Christian Right Wing, I forgot that a rich man has the chance to get into heaven as a camel through a needle, folks are not in it to help the poor and impoverished. The are using their faith for self promotion and the maintenance of self righteousness.

Clearly, I am not talking about all Christians. No, if you come away from this article with that. I suggest a reading comprehension course. I am not talking about people with faith. Now, I am sure some who might read this who are part of the Christian Right might think they are people of faith but guess what… not only are you not but this article is talking about you. Yes, I do hope it offends them. I really, really hope it offends them cause to be perfectly honest… the OFFEND ME. Got a problem with it… tell it to your pastor. He gets paid to listen to you whine about the evil agnostic. That is the worse case scenario, most of the Christian Right’s response would normally consist of “I will pray for you.” I am not the one you should be praying about.

There is a reason why these people offend me and why I get on my soap box. Faith is a deeply personal thing. It should be between that individual and their deity. It is not a badge to be worn on their lapels. It is not something to brag about in church. It is not something that you should watch on Sunday mornings. The best part is… it is NOT SOMETHING YOU PUSH ON OTHER PEOPLE! Still this goes well beyond the retarded monkeys who want to sell you Cookies for Jesus in the Best Buy parking lot. Faith is something you have when you lead by example. Not when you try to prevent other people from leading their lives. Fact is however, that nothing I say will ever persuade the Christian Right. To make it worse, apparently nothing the Bible says will make it any better either.



One thought on “Why the Christian Right Can Be Called Idiots.

  1. I see the American “Christian” Right as the greatest threat for Western civilization, much more dangerous than “islamic” extremism (the latter is mainly a problem for moslem countries).

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