. Societies are fluid and dynamic. They ebb and flow and are ever changing and some people can’t handle that prospect.  A lot of what we see in the news about the progress of civil and human rights and the counter argument made by recessionist personalities about their own civil liberties are specifically what is at issue here. People who are content or at the very least a party to a specific segment of the population are intent on either keeping this society from progressing or in some cases such as libertarians, causing this country to move backwards.  This is not some progressive, liberal poppy cock it is a sociological fact.

Recent examples include subjects such as the issue of marriage equality, racial equality, and cases of religious bias.  The resisting opposition to any movement forward in these areas, cloak their distaste in arguments that mimic the very arguments of those who support equality and justice.  Claims that marriage equality is discriminatory against people with a religious objection is but one example. Other attempts at hiding their resistance to change is to wrap their arguments in words like “tyranny” and “freedom” yet those same words describes the conditions of the people who do not have marriage and racial equality in this country. They further hide behind words like “states rights” and literal interpretations of the Constitution. They continue to ignore the precedents that have been set forth under the guise of the same Constitution that they are claiming to enforce.

When these fail to impress or curtail, those resistant to change resort to ad hominum abuse such as “socialist” or “statist” or the more common “liberal”. As always attempting to destroy the creditability of the facts by attempting to attack the creditability of the person. After further failure they will fall back on faith or belief and claim victory. What they do not know and what they will never realize is that by using their beliefs to oppress another they are in fact doing the same thing they are claiming is being done to them. Yet, it does not dissuade them in any fashion as they feel they are on the side of “right”. The age old, tried and true cry of the oppressor, “Righteous.”

Of course the above is nothing more than common knowledge. What is not commonly known is that these very people are going to be the ones responsible for their own down fall and perhaps the downfall of all of society. By that, the suggestion has been made that by refusing to adapt to the conditions in society, they risk an evolutionary demise. In other words, becoming a dieing breed, which is one of the staunch reasons for their resistance to change. Unfortunately, evolution is neither precise nor quick and as such all of us are at risk.  What are we as a society left to do?

There is no easy to answer to the aforementioned question. We continue to march forward and not be deterred by those who fall victim of fear, ignorance and the false hope that they can indeed prevent change. Still, each of us can do one thing. We can stop looking at our problems as a collection of individuals and start addressing these issues on a societal level regardless of how trivial they seem. Civil rights, human rights, equality, justice are all factors that effect society both on the country level and a global level. It is time we start to take a global approach and reach out to solve these issues.


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