Why? Why? Why?

I realize I haven’t posted anything since May but to be perfectly honest I got tired of the bickering, back biting, sniveling, conspiracy laden, religion spouting tea partiers and the republicans who can’t seem to decide which species they belong too. I needed a break. So in the finest American tradition I ignored it all for a while. Well now, I can’t ignore it any longer. Syria has risen it’s ugly head.

While I am all for a good bombing or foreign conflict where we are blasting some poor country back to an agrarian age, Syria is just not that important or vital for us to honestly give a damn. Harsh? Is it? Ok, so let me phrase it differently. Syria is not Iraq. Syria is part of a connected system that has existed since before the fall of the Soviet Union. Such a vital link to the Russians that during the Yom Kippur War in the 1970’s they threatened to intervene in the war if we did not have the Israelis pull back from their advance on Damascus. Here we are threatening to use a “limited strike” to punish Assad for using chemical weapons on his own people. See the danger yet?

The faux moral outrage being generated in Europe needs to stop. Europe needs to realize that they themselves have used chemical weapons and it was also during combat. (See World War 1) While this doesn’t excuse Assad by any means it does mean that Europe can talk and be outraged all they want but intervention is wrong. I don’t condone the use of chemical weapons but there is too much about this whole mess that makes no sense. For starters why use chemical weapons while the UN Inspectors are in town? Even the Intelligence agencies don’t have an answer for that. More importantly the use of chemical weapons makes no military sense.  Especially in a civil war. Civil Wars are typically very brutal and rarely are they defined areas that either side has full control over. Where these weapons were used were supposedly contested areas. At best chemical weapons can be an area denial weapon. However, if you deny the enemy an area you deny it to yourself as well. Don’t start thinking that troops can operate in a chemical environment for long.  True enough that modern gas equipment and protection has come a long way since the 1900s BUT even in the tests by us and the Soviets showed that sustained combat in those areas can not be maintained and is limited and even more so in the desert. Strategically and tactically it just makes no sense what so ever.

Now Obama is making a half hearted case to Congress for military action but so far the basic questions of Who, What, When, Where and Why, have not been answered. With the American people tired of war and having been lied to by Bush I think we deserve a little bit more than, “We have evidence that Assad used chemical weapons.” It is entirely possible that due to the large stockpile of chemical weapons that exist in Syria a mortar strike on a facilities could have released gas. OR it could have been a hit on a fertilizer plant which uses organophosphates,(Spell correct doesn’t recognize it and I am too lazy at the moment to get the accurate spelling.)  and that the people were effected by that. (Which resembles a chemical attack.) Still no reason to go launching cruise missiles at someone.

In the “WTF” zone we have republicans calling for military action THEN complaining that it would only be a limited strike AND these are the same fools who have been complaining about the national debt. Folks, missiles cost money. Lots of money. Basically we are launching a luxury car every time one is fired. All I can say is watch who votes how when Congress returns and remember who they are and vote them out of office in the mid term elections.


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