Why I Don’t Memorilize Sept 11th.

Today is the 12th anniversary of the twin towers and Pentagon attack.  Still we memorialize this day and proclaim to the globe our admiration for the heroes from that day. To be honest, sometimes I think I am the only person in this country who has a problem with this. You see, I remember where I was that day and what I was doing. I remember the silence from all the grounded aircraft and the hanging round the TV, radio and computer looking for more information. I remember the panic in peoples voices around me and I remember the feeling of shock and then worry. Yet, there was something different about that worry. I didn’t worry about another attack or if I was or my loved ones were in danger. I worried about how our country would respond to this attack. To make matters worse, I was correct to worry.

On that day I wasn’t worried that we would over react, that I knew would happen but I worried that this attack would divide our country and to my sad realization. It has. Sure, there are rallying cries and songs and memorials. The site has been turned into a shrine and every year everyone replays that disaster. Yet, most still don’t realize the real disaster of that day. Admittedly it is tragic when thousands die in a situation like that and I applaud all the men and women who risked their lives that day but even with that there is still the horrible truth that we are celebrating our own fallacy.

I compare Sept 11th to another “sneak attack”, that of Dec 7th, 1941. In that attack our country banded together like never before. We stood tall and no matter your race, creed or wealth we all pulled together as a nation. Yet after Sept 11th, we got more divided than ever. Both attack were followed by a war but one war was just and another wasn’t. One had the backing of the country and the belief in our government and the other didn’t. One produced the “greatest generation” and the other hasn’t. In one the enemy was defeated and the other, the enemy won.

See, Al-Q is still around. While Bin Laden is dead his legacy continues because we let them win on Sept 11th. We decided to give up our freedoms for security. We gave up our rational for the expediency of going to war. We decided to denigrate one religion over another all based on the actions of 9 individuals. We turned a terrorist attack into a war on and against religion. We launched a crusade that still hasn’t stopped. We didn’t put our country first we put our selves and our security first and our principles last.

No, I don’t memorialize Sept 11th. I loathe it. Not because of what happened to us but what we did to ourselves.


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