Who the Real Second Class or Third Class Citizens Are.

A women so traumatized that she can no longer speak or take care of her self. The homeless man who sleeps under the bridge and never harms anyone. The late teen who is so desperate for his fathers attention and love that he swallows a ton of pills. These are just example of the Second and Third class citizens that live amongst us every day. We ignore them, pass them by or even call them names like weirdo or crazy. We push them to the back of our memory so we don’t have to think about them. We just want them to go away.

These people are real and alive and in need of help and no one gives a damn. I know why people don’t care and you, the reader knows as well. Yet we still do it every day. Most of use don’t realize how close we are to being in their position. How close we are to being in need of help. Right now many seemingly functional adults and children need help and they are afraid to ask. Afraid of the stigma that is attached. Afraid of being ostracized from their families. Some of these types of people are just barely hanging on. Still we ignore and move on.

Oh sure, we have help lines, crisis centers and care facilities but they are underfunded or worse.  They become dumping ground for people. A way to dispose of the unwanted refuse that is created by a society that we also created. We wanted a way to make them disappear so we created one. When that didn’t work, Big Pharma responded with newer and newer drugs. Doctors began handing them out like candy. All looking for the magic pill that would make it all go away. Sadly, we discovered there isn’t a magic pill or special recipe that makes it all better. So we just pushed them further and further back.

They are invisible until the commit an act of violence such as Newtown or Columbine or other such tragedy. Does it change anything? No! We mourn the victims and curse the evil and move on because we don’t want to accept that we might have very well could have helped or prevented these types of situations. We don’t want to accept that the very society in which we walk every day might very well be responsible for their creation and the creation of many others still unseen. Politicians cry for more laws and responsibility forcing the blame on others and making us all want, to just make it go away. Well it isn’t going to go away until we stop and take a good hard look at ourselves and see that we have to all work together to help those that can’t help themselves and we start to take responsibility for the monster we created.

For those that might not know there are crisis lines and warm lines just to lend a hand if you need. Check your local area, research and ask for help. Everyone needs help from time to time.  Mental Health is something that should concern everyone.


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