How Much Blood Is Too Much

How much blood will it take for people to realize we have a crisis in this country? Today in Roswell, NM there was another school shooting. This after we had one last month.  Again, how much blood will it take? On the 12th I wrote a blog about mental health in this country. If you needed proof there was a problem, well here you go. Another shooting, luckily no deaths as of yet. Can you answer the question?

This is not about gun control. This is not about government regulation. It is about the total lack of services for people in need. It is about having the right people in the right places looking for the right things to identify people who might need some help or might require more assistance than others. How much blood will it take before people stop ignoring the problem and start facing the harsh reality that we will deal with more and more shootings until we as a society stop and take a hard look at the issue?

No, we can not just throw money at the problem and hope it goes away. We need real, far reaching reform to the mental health system. It is not just a pre pubescent with the gun. It is the father who is distraught at losing his family or the brother who has problems. It is every one and anyone. We are all to blame as well. We look down on those or ostracize those that have mental health issues. We  make jokes and we are afraid of them.  So what do we do, we ignore them till it is too late.

We do not need a nanny state or intrusive government regulation, we need real movement on looking at the cause and effects of these situations and then develop realistic solutions to the problems. Otherwise, we will stand by and watch as the blood drains from our children, our families and our country.


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