Brian Fischer Declares 1A Only For Christians

bullshit As if the Conservatives weren’t crazy enough, Brian Fischer declares that the First Amendment is only to choose which Christian church to attend. ( Even if we assume that this Christian Conservative Pastor is only pandering to his flock or base, the audacity to make such a statement astounds even the most feeble of minds. How could supposedly a learned man make such a boldly and indefensible statement? Because, their attempt is not to protect Conservative Christianity but to profit and gain from it.

Difference Between Spirituality and Dogma

There is a huge difference between spirituality and dogma. Regardless of which specific religion a person chooses, spirituality is the connection one has with their faith and their object of worship. Those that substitute dogma for faith are only using that as a means to facilitate something external to the religion they claim to worship. For example, a lay person who applies dogma to actions instead of taking a spiritual approach typically is using that as a crutch or means to supplant their true feelings on the subject. This occurs many times where dogmatic Christians replace their feelings on homosexuality with that of the Bible, instead of realizing that the Bible was speaking to them not through them.

The First Amendment

Returning to the absurd statement by Bryan Fischer, the First Amendment protects individuals by allowing for the freedom to exercise this individual religion and to prevent the government from enacting legislation designating a specific official religion.  To people like Bryan Fischer, the official religion has already been ordained and that is Christianity. As many people know, the real intent of the First Amendment is as already stated and in fact, the founders came from a variety of religious backgrounds. In fact, it was deemed as such an import that the Founders made it the First of the 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Where Does This Lead?

I suspect there is an overwhelming desire among many Conservative Christians to hasten the End of Days or the Biblical Apocalypse. Therefore, they are looking around every corner and under every bed looking for the Anti Christ and his minions in order to increase the belief that the end is near. They have already chosen the Biblical enemy from the East, Muslims and have been attempting to make veiled and not so veiled references so far to the coming war. Of course, they can not allow Common Sense and Common Decency to impede their ultimate goal. Which is either to convert the globe to their way of thinking or destroy those that get in their way. Regardless, people like Bryan Fischer is the real enemy to Common Sense and not the other way around.


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