Death of a Once Great Country, America

There was a point in time where this country stood for something, at least on paper. Freedom, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Those days are long gone and while there are words still written on a piece of paper, the reality is that this country has moved so far from those words that is almost looks like 1925 Germany. One does not have to go far to see the vitriolic elements in our society that will not rest until they can force their way of life on everyone else.

Examples of Our Demise

Here is just one tiny bit of proof. This article from Raw Story by Travis Gettys is just one example of the type of people we have in our midst that will destroy the very fabric of liberty. ( Of course there is more, another article on Raw Story, this one by also by Travis Gettys, is a pastor calling for the death of homosexuals. ( These are not isolated incidents, take this one from ABC News Channel 7 Chicago, ( In fact, I could fill this post up with just example after example.  It is also institutionalized in our political system. Look at the Republican party platform or any of the Tea Party subgroups.  One quick search on Google, would produce thousands of examples. A simple look at the news should do it.  They are everywhere.

Got It All Wrong?

There is no doubt that liberals wish to change the minds of others such as these people. The difference is that liberals as a rule are not interested in forcing people to change their minds. This is the point where a conservative would probably call BS but there is a difference between getting the government to protect the rights of the individual, such as homosexuals, and getting the government to force a person to die or go into a program such as the gay conversion therapy, that some conservatives want. There is a big difference between telling people, Hey you can’t discriminate in public against someone and forcing them to convert to your way of thinking. The baker who does not like gays, I don’t have a problem with. He has a right to his opinion. However, he doesn’t have a right to discriminate against the members of the public. To put it real simple, so even a conservative can understand. There is a different standard for public life and private life. The baker, who does like gays, doesn’t have to have one over for dinner or even allow them in his home. Yet, he does have to serve them as customers at a place of business.

Why We are Doomed

We are doomed, not just because these people like the examples above exist, they have that right but they are forcing people to draw battle lines in everyday life. The pastor who accosts people in Walmart or at a amusement park is not giving people their right to be who they want to be. As people rebel against this kind of action, it only makes these types of people even more determined to spread their filth. Eventually dividing the country even further. More division equals more problems. It really is that simple, although the cure is much harder to achieve.


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