Racism Flows Both Ways: Iggy Vs. Banks

This is a todays article from Raw Story, http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/12/anonymous-threatens-to-release-sx-tape-pics-of-rapper-iggy-azalea-over-remarks/  Now, I will freely admit I do support a lot of Anonymous’s activism if not their methods but this is right out of the reverse racism book. You see, Iggy Azalea is a white rapper and there is one rapper who is very unhappy about it. (http://www.bet.com/news/music/2012/06/07/iggy-azalea-explains-how-the-beef-with-azealia-banks-started.html) I applaud both artists in getting their music out and the hard work and dedication they both put into but this is ridiculous.

Why Should Any One Care

The reason why people should care is that in order to stop racism we have to stop ALL racism. Not just racism against blacks but against Whites, Asians etc. So when a black person is being racist we need to point it out just as much as when a white person does it. Racism is racism regardless of color. I supposed that makes racism in effect color blind, ironic. Ms Banks needs to realize that imitation is a sincere form a flattery and that Hip Hop pop music is no longer just a black thing. It is a whole culture. Right or wrong, people have adopted this music and added it to the color of our culture. Some say it is thuggy, and while some of the content I can find objectionable, they fact is they have a right to sing about whatever they want.

Getting Rid of Racism

Back on topic, it doesn’t matter if Azalea is White or Ms Banks is Black. People are going to like the music they like. Like it was stated, it doesn’t matter who did what first. It doesn’t matter if you are white and sing Hip Hop or Black and sing Pop. Who cares? It is the quality of your music and when you resort to racism to voice your frustration at one person or another, it demeans everyone person no matter their color. Yes, we certainly have to stop racism but at the same time we have to realize that racism flows both ways.

Racism is a human problem not a specific color problem. When we can learn to accept the differences that exist, while embracing the similarities, we will get much closer to stopping racism all together. Maybe it is my white privilege that makes me think we can stop racism when we stop looking at each others color but it is a thought and privilege I would gladly share with anyone.


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