7 Things Conservatives Get Wrong About Liberals

There has been an ongoing argument with a friend. This friend is so far hard right that he can’t even tell what is mainstream anymore. To him, everyone who doesn’t think like him is a liberal and apparently, Liberals are destroying America. At least that is the gist of his comments. To be honest, his protests at how liberals are the root of all evil led me to review some of the things he posts on his Facebook page and I ran across this interesting video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjfAFnw39qo&feature=share 7 Reasons Why Liberal Are Incapable Of Understanding the World. Now, as someone who is left of center on some issues, I was curious to see why someone thinks I am incapable of understanding the world. I was quite astonished at most of them and quite frankly, found this list very hypocritical of conservatives in general. However, I feel that I should at least discuss the points the video made.

Starts With a Fallacy

Basically before we even get to the actual 7 points, this video makes the claim that modern liberalism is lacking in common sense and are instinctual  suicidal and that America can only survive by thwarting the liberal agenda. To begin with, I am not aware of this so called liberal agenda. Makes me wonder if I missed a meeting of Local Liberal 501 or something. Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but there is no wholesale liberal agenda. From what I gather the so called “liberal agenda” is promoting human rights for all people. Promoting diversity, protecting the environment and promoting the elimination of poverty. Get a group of so called liberals in a room and yes they will argue about how to go about promoting all these things but at least that is a tad sight better then the conservatives who would all claim nothing is wrong and no reason to change anything. Something the author of this video forgot was that at the time, the founders of this country were considered liberal and their way of governing condemned by the conservatives at the time.  Those people who claim to be conservatives forget that the fundamental point of conservatives is to fight change, even if it is a change for the better. People change, country changes, and any country that refuses to change and adapt runs the risk of falling into disarray. History is filled with examples of the conservative elements in a society fighting and resisting change and this resistance leading to wholesale disaster for the country. Now, to give the conservatives a bit of credit, there is no reason to run right out and start changing everything. Change can be beneficial even if it is incremental.  Moving on.

Number 1 Reasons Why Liberal Can’t Understand the World

Liberalism Creates A FeedBack Loop: The Only Credible Sources to A Liberal is Liberal Sources: I found this to be very interesting. Since many conservatives claim that universities and centers of  learning are all liberal bastions of power, it is little wonder they believe this. The video makes the claim that a non liberal can not change the mind of a liberal cause a liberal will only consider liberal sources credible. It makes one wonder if any conservative or non liberal has ever heard about sources? To be clear, this is what a primary source definition is;  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primary_source and here is what a secondary source definition is; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secondary_source. I pulled these from wikipedia cause I didn’t want to use a liberal bastion of learning as a source. Better yet, here is the definition of a credible source or more specifically how to determine is a source is credible. http://writingcenter.appstate.edu/sites/writingcenter.appstate.edu/files/Credible%20v%20Non-Credible%20Sources13.pdf. Of course since it is from a liberal bastion, the conservatives will claim it is a liberal source. However, even conservative research papers and studies at least attempt to apply the same standard of credibility.

The point is, this is the first reason because conservatives and the author of the video are the ones who claim they have all the credible sources. Scientists, researchers, historians, accountants, professors can’t possibly be right, at least in the conservative mindset. What they don’t realize is that liberals know these people can be wrong and realize that often times they are wrong in their assessments but will adapt anyway. That liberals understand that science and knowledge changes and as that change comes apparent, changes must be made to accommodate those circumstances. To give an example, decades ago the American Psychological Association listed homosexuality as a mental disease. As it became apparent, through scientific research, that this was no longer the case. That there was a genetic component to homosexuality, the push for more rights for the LGBT community increased. Conservatives can not accept the scientific fact that it is not a mental disorder, and fight to deny homosexual equal rights under the law. To conservatives, this science would be a liberal source. Despite the fact that most scientists could care less about politics and rights.  So anyway, this number 1 reason is self fulfilling because conservatives can not accept that science is not a liberal source but just a source.

Number 2 Reasons Why Liberals Can’t Understand the World

Liberal Sources Are Ever Present: This plays in above. It appears that all sources of information are liberal biased. I wish someone would tell Fox News that fact. To tell the truth, the conservatives are partially right. NEWS SOURCES are biased. However, I am pretty sure they got which bias incorrect. You see, news sources are all biased in terms of their advertising dollar. How much money can they make off the regurgitated garbage that they sensationalize. I don’t know any liberal or conservative, who is worth a damn, who pays any mainstream media any attention. The video goes on to say that liberals read the local paper and see liberal news. Obviously this author of the video has not picked up a Fort Worth paper. Again, real liberals and conservatives don’t pay attention to mainstream news. Still, the video carries on that liberals take their kids to schools where the teachers are liberal as well. Again, I don’t think the author of this video has ever been to Texas, much less have kids in a Texas school. I guess this video guy thinks all teachers are liberals. To bad they don’t vote that way. The fact is, what he is basically trying to say is that liberals surround themselves with liberalism all the time. Like there is some big hippy liberal commune where it is all liberalism all day. Not only is that not true, but save for one or two, I can’t even say that about my conservative friends. Honestly, this guys shot his credibility with the first two reasons but since everything is liberal, it must be wrong. He didn’t even name any sources.

Number 3 Reasons Why liberals Can’t Understand the World

Liberals Emphasize Superior Feelings; Not Superior Results. This guy goes on to say that liberals are all about feeling good about things and not about getting results. His example is the HeadStart Program. Head Start has helped millions of children each year gain in both immunizations, medical insurance and more. Here is a quote from the Head Start Program “ Head Start programs work with families to ensure they have the means to obtain health insurance, services for children with disabilities, adequate housing, job training, and more.” https://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/hslc/data/factsheets/2013-hs-program-factsheet.html All this for less that 8 billion dollars. Basically the price of a cup of coffee in the Pentagon.

So basically because liberals want children to have a better start to their preschool years we don’t understand the world. I would say that we understand the world too much that we know we have to spend 8 billion dollars to help develop children into rational, thinking adults who can help care for themselves. Maybe we understand that a better start the child has the better change that the child will grow up and positively contribute to society and the economy. Either way, we see Head Start as a way to make in investment in the future of the country as a whole. From what I gather from the conservatives who hate Head Start is that it is a waste of money because someone is getting something for free. Funny, I would have thought that all the smart conservatives would see it as in investment for everyone. Guess I was wrong. Headstart, one change to many for conservatives.

Number 4 Reasons Why Liberal Can’t Understand the World. 

Liberals are Big Believers In Moral Relativism. To begin with the author of the video obviously does not understand moral relativism and even moreso doesn’t understand that moral relativism has been a philosophical debate since Ancient Greece. This video author thinks that Liberal can’t tell right from wrong and that we don’t understand “Why people hate us?” Sadly, we know why people hate us and even more we know why Americans are hated. We understand that American exceptional-ism has forced our country men to die in foreign countries for no reason. Cough * IRAQ. That our government has lied about reasons to going to war only fueling that hatred. That our disregard for the sovereignty and rules of other countries has made up arrogant fools in the eyes of the world. Oh I could most certainly go on but the one things liberals don’t do is make the claim it is ok to invade another country and then tell everyone else that it isn’t ok. The Hawks in Washington did that and most of them are conservatives. There is not truth that liberals don’t have a right and wrong compass, only that conservatives are angry that we see them on the wrong side. Recently, a gallup showed that more American’s than ever identify as liberal. Given that most American’s support Immigration Reform and that includes securing the border, only stand to reason that some liberals also want to secure the border. In fact, many of us liberals do want a secure border but riddle us this. If you can’t secure the border using the current laws, what makes you think adding more laws will secure the border. Did you see the videos of the people riding trains? Where was the border patrol? Oh wait, isn’t that a program that was cut by successive republican administrations? Liberal believe that any person who commits a crime should be punished but those who do the arresting do not have the right to abuse the perps. Seems simple. Arrest but don’t abuse. OR arrest, don’t shoot.

Number 5 Reasons Why Liberals Can’t Understand the World.

Liberals Tend To View People As Part of Groups Not As Individuals. Leaving out that sociological implications of that statement, I have known conservatives who label other conservatives by the church they go to. “Oh, so and so is a Methodist” or “Mrs Y is a good person, even if she goes to X Baptist Church.” Still the most telling is the hypocrisy of this statement of the video author. He is labeling a whole group, liberals, and deciding what they think and feel and not seeing anyone of them as an individual. Oh, I realize he was talking about liberals and they supposedly views whites, blacks, hispanics etc. or people below the poverty level. He goes on to say that liberals see everything in groups when even one person from one of these groups rises to be President. Who is in turn attacked by lower, middle class white tea party folks. Lets get on thing straight. Obama is not indicative of blacks no more than the head of the KKK represents all whites. There are success and failures in every group. Right now the Tea Party Proto Nazis attack Obama, (Reasons to be covered in a another article.) but even after 2016 it will be someone else they attack. Why? Because their ideology is still fermenting and that ideology is a fear of change and a fear of the outsiders. The point to be taken from this reason is that liberals do understand the world and we understand that other people, other than white, god fearing, ego manics, live in this world and have every right to be here as the conservatives. The group we see is the HUMAN RACE, not groups. Just one group.

Number 6 Reasons Why Liberals Can’t Understand the World

Liberals Take A Dim View Of Personal Responsibility: Nothing is further from the truth. We as liberals see the bigger picture however and realize that there are things outside of the control of the individual. Liberals understand personal choice, probably more than conservatives because we respect the right of the individual to make choices. We don’t want other people making choices for others and that is what this is about. Liberals understand that organizations and corporations take a dim view of the individuals who make up these organizations and corporations and they the prime motivation is self wealth and not the benefit for everyone. No one is saying that corporations should give everything away. Only that fair treated is the form in which their participation in society as a whole should be. The video author uses the example of someone committing a crime, is it the criminals fault or the states? What conservatives fail to realize it that this question is one based on time and circumstance. A guy goes into a robs a liquor store and shoots the employee. Who is at fault? Obviously the criminal. A person breaks into a home and is shot by the homeowner. Who is at fault? The person who broke in. Both situations, both criminal activities but something important is left out. Intent. Even in our judicial system, intent is and must be determined. In the case of the homeowner the difference in criminality is determined by intent and the in the liquor store the intent determines the level of the crime.  Lets say in the homeowner case, the person was confused and opened the door to the wrong home and was shot. A tragic accident. In the liquor store, the guy just wanted to pull the trigger. Murder. The point is, liberals like conservatives are bound by the same philosophical discussions as the other and that liberals believe in personal responsibility just as much conservatives, we just know there is also more to it.

Number 7 Reasons Why Liberals Can’t Understand the World

Liberals Give Themselves Too Much Credit For Being Liberal : How this determines our lack of understanding of the world boggles the mind but ok. Lets face facts, there are egotistical jerks on both sides of the aisle. Here is the point; both sides have bad apples. What is really sad is that there are sides. Sides so divided by ideology that they can’t see the other side. A house divided among itself will not stand -Lincoln.


Overall, the video in question is full of the same tired garbage that conservatives have been putting out over and over again. The only difference is that now, they show why they refuse to listen to any other side. The discredit everything that does not reinforce their world view. Conservatives in America are preventing this country from moving forward. They want to return to the supposedly perfect days of the 1950s, where the man was the ruler in his castle and the little woman raised the kids and kept the home fires burning. Back in the days where woman’s rights were limited, blacks were on the other side of the tracks and the muslims were a figment of the imagination. They are scared of the future and scared of what may come. Some of that is natural but they are so bent on protecting themselves from anything resembling sociological progression, the progression of society, that they are willing to destroy the country to protect it. We are no longer the greatest country in the world. We are no longer the innovators, the thinkers, the bringers of hope and democracy. We are now the country that is divided ever more and is known as the has been, the once great, and now the fool. The emperor with no clothes. Not because we don’t have military might but because we don’t know when to unite and when to progress towards the future together. The fact is, liberals understand the world. They see the whole world. They see how humanity is part of this world and how this world has to be protected from ourselves. At least some of us do.







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