Why Chris Kyle Day is a Bad Idea

Now, I will be completely honest and admit I have not seen the movie. Furthermore, I think both sides attempting to use a movie to further an agenda is just bad all around. Having said that, I want to address Chris Kyle day here in Texas, proclaimed by our illustrious new emperor with no clothes, Gregg Abbott. Chris Kyle was an American sniper who had many confirmed kills during his four tours in Iraq. That is not in dispute. Nor is the fact that he was killed here in the U.S. by a fellow soldier who was suffering from PTSD. What is in dispute, in my opinion, is how they are using the legacy of this man.

I praise Chris Kyle for doing his job well during his service, HOWEVER, the notion that he or any other member of the armed services were defending our freedom while engaged in Iraq is preposterous. Iraq was not a threat to our freedom and the premise of the second Gulf War was based on lies and falsehoods, either intentional or unintentional. Therefore, to promote the accomplishments of Chris Kyle as an American hero is just plain false. I am not saying he should not be recognized for his personal accomplishments, only that in the larger context using this accomplishment to create a false sense of patriotism and hero worship goes against the very concept of this nation.

Beyond the false patriotism and hero worship that goes beyond what should be occurring, the Texas governor is using the controversy over Chris Kyle to promote his personal agenda and attempting to appeal to a conservative base. Basically, he is using Chris Kyle for political purposes. No matter if a person believes the war in Iraq was just or not, to turn the heavy burden that Chris Kyle had to bear into political cry for attention diminishes the man and person Chris Kyle was. The same applies to the left, who attempt to use this movie and the life of the man to further their own agenda. Leave the man alone, let each individual person decide if they want to honor the man or revile him.

Chris Kyle day is nothing more than the attempt by conservatives to create a hero to worship and for the liberals to demean. Let the man rest in peace, right or wrong, he deserves it.


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