Mother’s Day Is ALL WRONG!

How about brother in law day, or sister day. We have grandparents day? What about step sibling day? Maybe we could have; “Adopted but still considered Family Day”? Seeing a trend yet? I am all for celebrating mothers who work hard and raise their children but that should be an every day occurrence.  We celebrate our mothers by respecting the hard work and effort they put into attempting to give us the tools we need to survive. We celebrate them by trying to be the best person we can be. We celebrate them by tying to live happy lives. For any mother, that is what they want for their children. Not some meaningless flower token that will be dead in three days.

It is more than pragmatism that leads me to the conclusion that mother’s day is all wrong.  It exemplifies what is wrong in this world. In the society, upon which we are a part of and helped create. We look for easy answers and if we celebrate mothers on one day, then we are off the hook for the rest of the year. We don’t have to think about everything our mothers have gone through because we only have to do it one day a year. We do the same for father’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter… hell, pick a holiday with the possible exception of Halloween. We don’t want to have to think about other people more than one day a year. Just look at valentines day. The one day a year where your supposed to celebrate the love you have for another by purchasing disposable consumer goods. Instead of working to keep a relationship alive and well on a daily basis, we boil it down to ONE DAY. Gives us the rest of the year to be selfish bastards.

The woman who helped start mother’s day was so disgusted by it, that she tried to stop it. It was supposed to be a gift of a single white carnation and maybe a “Thank you mom”. Now, all we celebrate a choice to allow another human to deposit DNA. When you really look at it, that is what you are celebrating. You are celebrating a transfer of bodily fluid that just happened to be good swimmers. Not exactly a selling point for Halmark. “Thanks Mom, for having your ankles around you ears.” Doesn’t work.

What about those women who can’t or chose not to have children? Should be have No Child, Feminazi day? Or perhaps we can call it “No stretched Vagina Day.” I could see that cards for that day… “Here’s to the Woman, who has a Womb with a view.” For those women who can’t have children. We could call it; “Plowed but Drought Day”. Yes, I am being insensitive but that is what mother’s day is. It is insensitive to everyone including mothers.

Respecting and loving your mother should be a part of every day.  It should be a pillar in your life. Your life is not all about you. It is also about the people who helped shape who you are as a person. For some, the person who have the most effect is their mother.


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