Election Circus

Strike up the band, and call in the clown. Seems like the Election Circus has started. This year it seems all manner of craziness and silliness is on tap. From Trump saying the wrong thing to Hillary dogged by questions of legality to the fact an admitted socialist is running. While it is still anyone’s guess who will make it through the primaries, people are already tuning out.

Honestly, that is the worst result possible for this country. Money and extremism have taken over the elections to the point where more and more intelligent people are just turning it off. Sadly, that is why our country has the problems it has. People who are elected want to be in power for their own agenda’s, not for the sake of the country and people who should care can’t because no one is speaking to them. So far, not a single candidate has offered more than vague solutions.

What people need are hard core facts, a unifying charisma and a desire for all parties to work together to develop real solutions to the very real problems that every day citizen face. Racism, poverty, health concerns, environmental issues, all effect the everyday Joe. It is time for all the candidates to deal with the real issues instead of just pandering to their bases. Ultimately, it is going to take something super catastrophic to happen for people to wake up and by then it might be too late. While ISIS is a concern, every day people have to live their lives and that is where the focus should be. Dealing with real problems.


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