Boehner Out: Conservatives Self Destruct

John Boehner’s decision to leave Congress at the end of October clearly shows the conservative, right wing of the Republican party is desperate. While it has been clear for some time a leadership fight was brewing, the fact that Boehner is leaving now shows that said conservatives are on the verge of forcing some bad decisions upon themselves.

By that, many in the conservative, tea party faction want to force a government shutdown to defund Planned Parenthood. Both Obama and the Democrats would welcome such a situation as typically Republicans get the blame from the general public concerning a shutdown. This is why the Conservatives are self destructing. The hard core right wing is willing to jeopardize the 2016 elections to defund Planned Parenthood by forcing a shutdown, either now or in three months. That is assuming the spending can is kicked down the road… again.

This is why the Tea Party caucus is dangerous. They are not interested in unity, or compromise, for them it is their way or the highway and this attitude is forcing other members to have to play to their antics. The real danger to any political system is the refusal to adapt to ever changing conditions and the Tea Party, by its very nature refuses to adapt.


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