Blue Lives Matter More Than Yours

For those of your who think the police are there to PROTECT you from criminals, you are safely mistaken. The role of the police is to protect society at large, and not the individual. ALL THOSE BLUE LIFE MATTERS posts do not take into account that the Supreme Court and smaller state and federal courts have ruled time and time again that the role of the police is not to protect the individual. Here is just one example. (Bowers V Devito 1982, Court of Appeals remarked in the ruling “there is no Constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen” There are literally hundreds of other cases that play the same theme. Police are not required to protect the individual. Plain and simple. That is one of the reasons why we are seeing officers who commit murder and crimes are not convicted. Because under the law, they committed no crime as their job is not to worry about the individual but to worry about society as a whole. Therefore, the elimination of the criminal, any criminal, or anyone they determine a criminal is now an enemy of society and thus they can use any means necessary to force that individual to comply, even up to using deadly force.

It is true, that not all police officers are bad, and some do not subscribe to the legal theory that the individual is on his or her own. However, those officers are few and far between. Look up the situation with Jack Yantis, for an example of police using their force for the wrong reasons. There are thousands of examples that show deadly force is being used incorrectly. However, don’t expect the courts to convict because as the law reads, law enforcement does not have to care or be concerned with the individual, only society at large. This should be one instance where conservatives and liberals should come together. Stop the denial or individual rights and liberties by the police. The right to life belongs to all individuals and deadly force should only be used in special cases.


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