New And Improved For Election Season

images (1)It is that time again, where every young girl and boy looks up and sees the splendor of the political process and in turn, decides that politics sucks the soul right out of you and that a career in business makes more sense. Honestly, I can’t blame them. I have grown sick and tired of the rhetoric, lies, general bullshit, mudslinging, fabrications, and more, to continue to concentrate on politics. Hell, I know even consider it a bad word. Worse than the F-Bomb.

But Wait? Isn’t voter apathy a problem? Ding Ding, congratulations, you just spouted non original, non thinking, rhetoric of the type I am talking about. I am not apathetic, just tired of the same ole garbage. Racism, cronyism, backstabbing, gerrymandering, vote stealing and lack of respect, and that is just on the comedy channels. So, I decided to change this blog in the hopes that I might update it more often if I don’t have to concentrate on the human fecal matter in an ongoing struggle to be the top turd of the heap.

This election season is far to gone to get help. It needs a plumber and one not named Joe. It needs to be reamed from one end of the pipe to the other and lets start fresh. I know that is what I am going to do.


One thought on “New And Improved For Election Season

  1. ‘The same old garbage’ , will be used as long as it works as a road to the comfortable spacious seat of power.
    When enough of the population become disenchanted ( generally when an ache in the pocket gets severe) riot and revolution will happen. When the dust settles a new clique of smart boys will leap into the vacant driving seat.
    ‘ Big fleas have smaller fleas
    Upon their backs to bite em.
    And smaller fleas have smaller still,
    So on ad fin itum.’

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