Where Freedom Rings But Only For Patriots

One of the more interesting things about our founding fathers is that, they had a concept that would cover the freedoms for all American’s. Now granted, this unfortunately at first did not apply to Asians, Blacks, Irish, Women or anyone but rich white men however, over the generations we have come to see the wisdom of the words “We The People”, or you would think.

Lets look at what happens when freedom is only one sides. The folks over at the Free Though Project posted this little gem from Matt Agorist. What is really great, is that this writer is a fromer NSA person who understands the world of intelligence and how the globalization works. So when he writes about something, we might want to take notice

Here is his article in situ. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/school-kids-police-investigation-posting-unpatriotic-photo-facebook/#UdRgkuxZspvuyr71.99

What I find so striking about this is the no one seems to understand the implications of this. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is called Nationalism. Complaining about someone protesting with a flag or desecrating a flag is NOT PATRIOTISM!!! It is nationalism, and that is the worst possible outcome that one can have.

The reason is, nationalism is the promotion of your governmental system, specific to your nationality over that of other systems that might be equally as valid. No, that is not the definition from the dictionary, it is my own. You see, we no longer live in the greatest country in the world and we should count ourselves lucky that we don’t.

Confused? Ok, let me lay it out for you. The world has changed significantly even in the last twenty years. More and more countries are linked economically than ever before in the history of the world. At the same time, faster and faster flows of data and information have decreased the size of the globe and now allow for something that occurs on one side of the globe to affect and effect the other. Quite literally, a butterfly can have flatulence in China and the EU Exchange will lower prices on LNG.

That lays out the how but now, why shouldn’t we be the greatest country in the world. If we were currently the greatest at everything, then the whole world would depend on the U.S. We would literally have to be in charge of everything. You might disagree but think for a second about what if we were the top dog in all aspects. The potential catastrophic calamity that would occur because we had it all and the other countries didn’t would lead to the rest of the world coming together to take what we had. Human nature.

Even if there is some satire and sarcasm spread throughout this post, the point is that nationalism is the worst possible thing we as American’s can do. My patriotism says that let these kids protest how they want to protest and if that means they can stand on the flag of my country then they have the freedom to do so. Isn’t freedom what all those men and women in the military have fought for? Including, the freedom of speech.



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