Immigration: No One Has It Right

canstock6304481 There are two undeniable facts about immigration that many people don’t understand. While they may get one, they often ignore the other and these are;

  • Each nation requires a secure border to prosper and advance
  • Immigration is necessary to maintain the overall health and well-being of a society.

Believe it or not, these two are not diametrically opposed and are in fact, mutually inclusive of the other one. That is if you understand the real meaning of those two statements.  So, on the quest to understand why no one has immigration correct, liberals or conservatives, let’s take a deep look at these two facts.

The first one, “Each nation requires a secure border to prosper and advance.” To begin with, any nation that has an enemy on the border is required by necessity to spend economic and political resources to maintain the security of its border and therefore depriving its citizens of the utilization of those resources. These same resources in use for the security of the border do little to promote the overall economic growth and in some situations, can, in fact, hinder economic growth. However, it also goes beyond resource utilization and the psychological effect on the populace can also have an adverse effect. By contrast, an open border has a similar effect and outcome as the free flow of immigrants can hinder economic growth and absorb resources that can be better utilized by the citizenry. Still, a wall only serves to create a false sense of security when what is really needed is a properly secured border. Even in countries without an adversary next door, the same principles apply. If the border is open and free flowing, those that move from one side or the other will consume resources that are necessary for the growth and advance of the host nation.

So, we will move on to the second fact, and the is “Immigration is necessary to maintain the overall health and well-being of a society.” Anthropologically and sociologically speaking, insular societies do not thrive for long. These types of societies suffer from economic stagnation, a lack of genetic variation and therefore suffers from higher incidents of disease and more while at the same time reducing innovation and technological enhancements. In addition, the introductions of new ideas and cultural information improve society and the host culture. By contrast, however, an unimpeded or open flow of migrants can and will overwhelm a host culture very quickly the supplanting the existing culture for one of the migrants instead of a fusion of the two.

With the above in mind, it can be clearly seen that both liberals and conservatives, left and right, have their positions on immigration misplaced. What is needed is a balance between the two. A secure border with appropriate and legal immigration. This immigration should not take years to achieve in order to prevent people from resorting to illegal means to migrate but at the same time, the borders should be properly secured to prevent illegal migration. In other words, it has to be a multifaceted approach. It can not be an all or nothing proposition.


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