My Problem With President Cheeto

president-cheetoYes, It is true… I have a problem with President Cheeto..err Trump. However, before going into the whys and reasons, I want to get one thing straight. It has nothing to do with the loss of Hillary Clinton. Hillary was not the optimal choice by any stretch of the imagination but when it came down to her and Trump, the choice was clear. #AnyoneButTrump.

To begin with, President Cheeto is a nationalist, and an admitted one. To put it simply, nationalism is the belief of one specific culture and society’s superiority. It is not the same as patriotism, as patriotism is in effect a deep loyalty to the country. It isn’t necessarily based on the culture of a nation. Nationalism is the root of fascism. Now, I know there are many who think that socialism and fascism go hand in hand that they also believe that Trump is not a socialist. They’re right, he is a fascist. His interference with businesses such as Carrier, Ford, and more by making threats of tariffs and more is pretty much the basis of socialism and when combined with his nationalism, you get fascism. So, reason one… he is a fascist.

Moving on to the next reason, Trump is wholly unqualified for public office. He has never held public office and he is used to running his company his way. This is fine if you’re a business man but when you are a leader of a nation, consensus building, compromise and all the qualities of a leader have to come into play. Not “My way or the highway.” which is what Trump has been spouting all through the campaign.

As if the first two wasn’t bad enough, there is the fact that he will not divest himself from his companies nor will he release his tax returns. Using conservative logic, if he has nothing to hide, why won’t he show them?

Ignoring transparency is one thing but having a close relationship with a foreign nation is another. Remember when HRC was crucified over her connections to Saudia Arabia? Yes, she should have been but so should Trump.

Finally, and of course, there are more but I am tired of writing, is the fact that he doesn’t respect the rights of all Americans. Right, wrong or indifferent, the U.S. Consitution lays out rights and those rights are to be protected as one of the top jobs of the President. However, he has signaled his plan to remove or limit the rights of the citizens of this country. So far, we are going on day four of him being President and already he has started working towards the goal of harming and hurting Americans, all in the name of politics.


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