How Trump Is A Fascist


At the beginning of the campaign season, I told several friends that I felt Trump was a fascist. “No, not possible.” They said… “He is a patriot.” They said… There is a reason why myself and millions of others feel Trump is a fascist and I am going to explain in what manner, Trump is the new picture of the American Fascist.

To start with, I have studied the events both before and after for over thirty years now. From books to research papers to scholarly articles, I have searched, read, absorbed and educated myself about the events that created the worst war that the world has ever seen. At least, as of yet. One particular aspect of the war that I found interesting was how a small, demoralized nation, under the heel of other nations, rose in a short time to threaten global stability. There are enormous lessons to be learned in how Germany rose to prominence but the question is, is Trump a fascist?

Let’s start with one extremely important distinction.  Fascism and Nazism are not exactly the same thing. It is possible to be a fascist and not be a Nazi. It is also possible to be a Fascist or a Nazi, without being a socialist. Is Trump a Nazi? No, absolutely not. This is important because this distinction is what confuses people who refuse to believe Trump is a fascist. Common responses are; “He isn’t a Nazi.” and “He isn’t a socialist.” are points like to make in defense of Trump. They’re right, of course, he isn’t a Nazi. However, he is a fascist.


What is a fascist? Fascism, in its modern form, got started prior to WW2 in all places, Italy. Fascism is ardent nationalism, not patriotism, but nationalism. In the terms of the left and right, Fascism is the far right… the very far right. It despises Marxism and Liberalism with a passion. In some respects, it is an extension of the belief that one’s culture is superior to others. On the surface, fascism is non-violent. It feeds on the protectionist nature of the people and it fosters the belief that one’s beliefs are part of the nation and the nation is part of the people, to the exclusion of the individual. So, how does all this make Trump a fascist? Just wait. I am getting there.  1-fascism

American Fascism is a little different. It is not jackboots and war songs. American fascism is the undeniable belief that America is the greatest country in the world, because, our Freedom is far superior to that of other countries. It is also the belief that our institutions, way of life, economy and outlooks are better than everyone else’s. It does not mean that we claim to be the best at everything or that we can learn from others but that our culture and way of life has to come first. In the 1920’s and 30’s fascism had a part in America, with the American Nazi party calling for “America First.”


Now, if you look at a transcript of Trump’s inauguration speech you will find something very disturbing. He keeps referencing “America First.” While this might not be ironclad evidence Trump is a fascist, it is a good place to start.

Within his first days in office, he has curtailed departmental communication with the public. No tweets, news, research articles, nothing is allowed to be communicated to the public without approval. He has removed pages relating to Civil Rights, LGBT rights and more from the White House website. He has threatened corporations with excessive tariffs, which is protectionism, a key element in fascist governing. He has made claims, unsupported by facts and more. He has demonstrated his brand of nationalism and his actions correspond to that of a fascist. He has threatened to use Federal resources to take over Chicago or at least supplant the local law enforcement which is again, a move by a fascist. In a real sense, he is threatening the people of Chicago with Federal enforcement.

Sure, you can make excuses about Trump but the evidence is that Trump is a fascist. However, he might not even realize that is what he is and what he is doing. Although, that would be an, even more, frightening fact. True, Trump isn’t a Nazi or a European fascist, he is, however, an American Fascist.


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