Resistance To Trump Is Not Left and Right


There are many people who seem to confuse any resistance to Trump with a total dedication to the liberal ideological agenda. (Whatever that is…) However, nothing could be farther from the truth. There is an old saying;”Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. and that is at the heart of the problem with Trump.

Nationalism, which differs a good deal from patriotism, is, in essence, the belief that one’s culture is superior to all others. While the greatest example and perhaps the extreme example of this ideology is clearly illustrated in the Pre-World War II period. When people were fed up with the fear and were looking for someone, anyone who could make them feel better about themselves, remove the fear and give them something to rally behind. However, nationalism is not the sole propriety of Germany.

Fascism, which is an outgrowth of nationalism and while nationalism had existed as far back as humans have been kicking the dust, it wasn’t until Italy of WWI, in which nationalism become a cornerstone of fascism. In other words, it was the fusion of the economy with nationalism that gave rise to the concept of fascism. Now, granted the Nazi party took a hold of fascism and turned it into the degenerate form that created the Holocaust, however the central platform still existed.

Some people say Trump can’t be a fascist because he is not a socialist. However, socialism isn’t what you think it is. For example, Russia or the previous host the USSR considered itself to be socialist but was, in fact, communist. Venezuela today calls itself a socialist nation but it is functioning as a communist state. Obviously, Cuba is communist but they lay claim to socialism, so how does it all fit?

Let me see if I can put it together for you. As I said, fascism is essentially nationalism fused with the economy, however, it does not necessarily mean direct ownership by the government. It is about control, now ownership. In Germany, the major corporations were not owned by Hitler, they were owned by Industrialists. These, in turn, supported his agenda by producing the products to the specifications that Hitler requested. However, these were only on select products. To put it more specifically, the needs of the corporations were secondary to the needs of the State. (Remember all those corporate CEO’s meeting with Trump within days of getting into office?)

Resistance to Trump is the duty of every American who supports the U.S. Constitution and the Republic for which it created. You don’t have to be a liberal or a conservative to oppose someone who is an admitted nationalist, puts white supremacists into high positions and courts the corporations to bend to his will. You don’t have to be a liberal or conservative to see the clear and present danger inherent in having someone who hides behind slogans, singles out specific aspects of people’s lives and then acts while attempting to thwart the free press. All of this has been seen in the past and it is clear it is happening again. Even if Trump doesn’t put Muslims into camps and exterminates them, there are multitudes of damage he can do to the citizens and to the world. So, not call it a left or right issue, call it what it is. The protection of the Republic and all persons therein.


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