IMPERIAL NEWS: CORUSCANT Authorized For Official Release. Imperial Holonet CSJ55730

Today during a new conference, Secretary For Propaganda And All Things Trump Sean Spicer admitted that there had been a raid on an Imperial Archive but complained that CNN had been under-reporting other terrorist activities. This coming so soon after the Planet Bowling Green Incident that Mr. Spicer said CNN also didn’t report. When questioned, however, he denied it even existed, remarking that Bowling Green referred to a golfing handicap.   He further mentioned that the terrorists involved in the Archive attack were able to disrupt some galactic communications and that the only things reported as being destroyed were PDF’s of Trumps; ART OF The DEAL

Emperor Trump tweeted:


Mr. Spicer refused to take further question concerning the attack on the Archive preferring more questions on the wall concerning the Outer Rim. In relation to the tweet sent out by Emperor Trump, that said;


Mr. Spicer repeatedly said that Tatooine had agreed to pay for the wall. Although, when local people were asked about the wall, their response was; “Trump Who?” Also in the news conference, Mr. Spicer repeatedly complained about the Alderaan delegation who have been opponents to the wall since the election and his selection for Education Secretary. Trump’s direct response was, as usual, via Galactic Twitter with:


As of now, Mr. Spicer has relayed that the Emperor will take a needed vacation and the Dark Lord Of the Sith Darth Bannon will continue to enforce order and freedom across the galaxy.


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