Wow, doesn’t that title just speak of racism? Well, if you really think so, then you are obviously over thinking it and being overly sensitive. So, let’s talk about race in this country. First off, I had my DNA checked the honestly, I don’t think it could get any whiter. I am so white, it is quite possible my ancestors oppressed your ancestors. I am so white, that when people are talking about the “man” keeping them down. That I have to check to see if I am, actually keeping someone down. Thus, I can say that I am white.

Now that we know what color I am, which is actually more of a khaki colors due to the sun, we can discuss racism. Wait? I can’t discuss racism because I am white? I have no perspective on racism? I can’t form a rational argument against racism because someone I have never met oppressed you? Ok, hold on… let be real for a second. Racism happens and it is wrong. It happens to many individuals, some regardless of color. I have seen racism in action and I have even been the victim of reverse racism, so yes, I can discuss racism. However, I am going to do it in two parts. First… The White Folks!

Dear Folks Who Lack Significant Pigment To Be Considered Anything But White..White Folks

FINE! So you think you’re not being a racist. You think that because you have a Black, Asian, Hispanic friend that you’re not a racist. How can you really say that when you can’t tell the difference between racism and discrimination? Each race is discriminatory to some degree and as whites, we discriminate. We discriminate based on a wide number of features other than color. We discriminate based on class, wealth, hair style, clothes, and our total lack of ability to play sports well and we do it to each other…

So, that doesn’t make it right but it doesn’t have to rise to the level of racism. Where is the line? Let me give you an example. Say I am a factory owner and someone suggests we build a factory in Cleveland, Ohio. (Sorry Cleveland) Now, I don’t like Cleveland so I say no, we won’t build a factory there. Is that racist? On the surface, no but why don’t I like Cleveland? If I don’t like Cleveland because it has a high black population. (I don’t know if it does or not, this is just an example for Christ’s sake.) then it would be racist. If I don’t like Cleveland because I don’t want to deal with snow in the winter time, then it isn’t racist. So, yes I am discriminating against Cleveland but I am not doing it based on racism. I am discriminating because I don’t like snow.

However, let’s do another example. As a factory owner, I interview three people. One is White, the other Black and the final person Hispanic. All three have the exact same qualifications and the same experience, so who do I pick? If a pick one based on the color of their skin, then it is racist AND discrimination. So what do I do? I find an alternative method where none of the applicants have an advantage, such as a probation period or test.

Not every white person is a racist, however, we have to stop being offended when people generalize that we are. I mean, come on, there is plenty of history out there that shows that typically white people have been racist and we can’t ignore that history. It is up to us as individuals to do our best to not base our decisions and viewpoints on the color of someone’s skin. We also can’t sweep the past under the rug.

Dear Non-White Folks

Yes, some of us white folks are racist.. we know that and many of us dislike that fact. HOWEVER… some of you are too. Racism in all forms needs to be eradicated and that includes on your side. Also, I am not going to apologize for what my ancestors did. If I could go back in time, I would smack them upside the head and tell them to stop but lacking a time machine. I am unable to do so. Still, I am not going to apologize for something I didn’t personally do.

To everyone:

Honestly, I don’t care what the color of your skin is. I don’t care if you came from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Mars… well maybe Mars. I will treat you with the same respect you treat me. I will not base my opinion of you based on your skin color. (I am an asshole to everyone) Does racism exist in this country. YES! Does it need to be stopped? YES. I will do my part and you do your part and maybe one day we can see a society in which skin color makes no difference whatsoever.



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