White America is Dead, Let It Die

There is no denying unless you live under a rock, that White supremacy is growing in this country. People calling diversity a case of white genocide and so forth. Quite frankly, I do not understand how people can be this unintelligent. I have seen racism, been a part of it, been a victim of it but I have never considered that what is happening now with this white bullshit movement could ever exist in the light of day.

White America is dead and it’s dead because it is and always has been a myth. From the wars that were fought to the great projects like the Hoover dam, immigrants and those of color have had roles in making America great, not white. There is no white America and never has been. Oh sure, there was the whitewashing of the 1950’s where men were some pimped up automaton and women were supposed to be well-dressed whores for the men, that thankfully that lie didn’t last long.

Diversity is NOT white genocide because not only is there no such thing as a white race, but diversity is treating people… ALL people as equals. As a white American, there is no such thing as White Superiority and you if you believe there is you are as dumb as dirt. To begin with, there is ONE RACE… that’s right one… ever read a science book? It is the human race. Only a moron would believe otherwise and if you think white is a race, guess what,  you are a moron. Furthermore, I hate to break the news to you but NO COLOR IS SUPERIOR TO ANY OTHER. There is no superiority.

At this point, you might pull out some pseudoscience crap that some white supremacist came up with or try to argue that science is fake or it is some conspiracy to keep the white man down. Seriously, get out of the gene pool, you are done.

White America, the myth is dead and it needs to die. It is high time people learn that race is no means of quantifying any measure of superiority. Nothing this country has ever accomplished as taken place in absence a person of color. Not our building and structures, not our wars, not even the Civil War or the Revolution. They may have been behind the scenes but their contribution can not be denied. So what you think is all this white greatness could NEVER have been accomplished without immigrants and people of color.

Certainly, nothing I say will change your mind. The only solace I have is that your days are numbered. That you will be nothing more than human cockroaches who scatter when the light is on. If you are a white supremacist of any type, you are not fit to call yourself human because you gave up your humanity when you decided you were superior to others.


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